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How to honor your Energy

We all know that self-care is necessary.

Without it we feel scattered, displaced and ungrounded.  Yet, most of us still fail to heed the warnings that we receive on the soul level that something needs to change.

Our intuition, our soul, communicates with us daily through several different channels.  Most of the time, however, our channels are so stat-icky from the outside noise that we are not open enough to receive and perceive the information.

Self care is a very important first step. It is the practice of taking care of your whole self --- your body temple, your mind, your heart and your spirit. Self care is the highest form of spiritual giving to yourself and others. The more you care for your self, the more you are able to care for others. The more you care for your self, the more knowledge, wisdom and power you possess to execute your assigned Divine life tasks. When we grow spiritually we quicken the pace of evolution, which requires a lot of energy. If we listen, the body will tell us what it needs to keep up with spiritual expansion. Take time to tune in and respond to the subtle hints your body is giving. Are you getting enough rest? Are you eating foods that provide the vitamins and minerals your body needs? Are you exercising for endurance and strength? Are you taking in plenty of water to aid your physical detox and the release of negative emotions and energy?

By taking time to honor the body, to honor its shifts and needs, it will be there for you in a way that it has never been before. Rest and care will help it come back to center quickly. You will have the benefit of a healed spirit and a body that was allowed to adjust and adapt to that healing process. You will be honoring the oneness of body, mind, and soul. You will be honoring your newfound connection. Taking time to honor the needs of your body is taking time to respect the needs of your soul.

Loyalty is a steadfast allegiance with a person or cause. It is the act of devoting yourself to something or someone with your whole heart. Divine loyalty is unshakable faith in your own ability to speak to, hear and receive guidance from Spirit. It is being committed to the care and preservation of you as an embodiment of the Divine energy that runs through all living things. Divine loyalty is a beautiful gift we give ourselves. When we are loyal to our own divinity, we are fearless and confident. We live in comfort, knowing that we have everything we need. Divine loyalty helps us to access and utilize our many talents and gifts to strengthen our capacity for self-love and the ability to love others in a healthy and productive way. It helps us transcend the dense energy of the material world so we can unlock the unlimited abundance of the universe. Divine loyalty is the key to liberation from the constraints of mankind's material world. It is through this honoring of our Divine selves that we connect to the Higher Self and stabilize a consciousness that is grounded in truth. And it all starts with you.

Spiritual development is the 'what' of our our life journey; Divine loyalty is the 'how'. Together, they move us closer to the Divine with greater clarity and a stronger sense of purpose.

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