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Are you ready, to Become the Feminine Force you were meant to be before society, expectations, and "Patriarchal conditioning got in the way?

It's time to embrace the Feminine Force that you have always been. 


By virtue of living in a patriarchal culture, we internalize structures and beliefs that actually prevent our empowerment and self-realization as women. So, without this necessary de-construction and discomfort, no authentic transformation can take place. That’s why I am so passionate about sharing this work with other women. I will emphasize that each woman is worth the time and effort it takes to do this work!!


There are wounds that affect you on an individual level

That tell the journey of your spirit through the ego’s eyes

Wounds that, when spoken with, healed, integrated & reframed can awaken your inner power in ways unexpected & potent

In the case of the wounds inflicted on the Divine Feminine, there are 3 we can learn a great deal from:

- The mother wound

- The witch wound

- The sisterhood wound

Each of these reflected in our interaction with one another

Our mistrust of each other

Our constant depreciation of our self worth & value

Our need to be perfect & “acceptable”

Our belief that pleasure & sensual expression are wrong, evil & dirty

& even our lack mentality

Each of these wounds can tell us so much about our Divinely Feminine nature & our true power

They are elements we can observe, learn from & ultimately heal

The first step?

Getting curious about the wounds themselves & how they show up in our lives


Empowered Femme is a month Private 1:1 Mentoring container

You will receive: 


  • 6-Bi Weekly calls 75 mins held on zoom

  • Full Voxer support in between calls

  • Access to all workshops held during our time together

  • 3 recorded meditations to assist in the healing & transmuatation of the Sisterhood wound, the Mother wound & the Witch wound

$3333 pay in full
$1333 x 3 months

During our time together, we will spend one month intentionally focused on diving deep into the healing of your :


Within your wounds and pain lies a gift, ready to be tapped into and transmuted into your greatest triumph. Embrace it, heal it, and rise into your power.


Empowered Femme Mentorship is for you if you...

  • Have a deep knowledge and understanding that you are searching for more - you are ready to level up your pleasure and sexuality, your relationships, your health, your community, and beyond. 

  • Are stoic. You have always been able to hold everyone and everything together, but don't have the support for yourself that you give so freely. 

  • Have so much success, in business, at work, in education, but you seem to be the heavy lifter when it comes to relationships and intimacy. You feel like you are constantly FIXING and FORGIVING. 

  • Desire to be taken care of, to be seen and understood, but you have been taught vulnerability is weakness and have hardened your edges to survive as a woman. 

  • Have friendships that are often surface level, or last for a season. You are looking for deeper connections, community and sisterhood, because you know what is the way to lasting change. 

  • Want clarity and confidence in your decisions. 

  • Crave the rest and relaxation of femininity, but have built a life that requires masculine energy and don't know how to embody your inner goddess. 

  • Are looking to level up on every level - home, work, business, relationships, friendships, community, connection. 

  • You want to stop making decisions out of fear or being a "good girl".

  • Are open-minded, passionate, ready to explore and go with the flow to find your peace and become the feminine force you desire. 

$3333 pay in full
$1333 x 3 months



  • Free of all the stories you were taught to believe.

  • Free from heartache, isolation, depression, and feelings of emptiness.

  • Free from toxic relationships with people who don’t see or understand you.

  • Free from the pain of loss.

  • Free from your inner critic.

  • Free from that knot inside your chest.

  • Rewrite the painful stories you hold around your Mother and the Feminine to those that are empowering and nourishing?

  • Reclaim your voice, and use that voice to speak your truth, spread love and share your wisdom?

  • Inhabit your body temple, and experience the world through all of your senses – alive, awake, and present?

  • Sit in a safe, loving and empowering circle of women, where you can be witnessed and uplifted as you heal the Mother Wound and the Sisterhood Wound?

  • Remember your sacred gifts as a Woman, and offer those gifts to the world?

  • Heal the Divine Feminine Wound for yourself, your ancestors and generations to come?

  • Renew your relationship with Mother Earth and the Feminine Divine?

  • Return to your natural flow and rhythm as a woman, intimately connected to the moon cycles and seasons of Mother Earth?

  • Rewire your wounded instinctual nature as you grow your trust in your Inner Wisdom and Intuition?

  • Awaken the Inner Mother who knows how to nurture within you a sense of safety, belonging and worth?

Now is your time to become an EMPOWERED FEMME! 


$3333 pay in full
$1333 x 3 months

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