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We begin October 24th Complimentary & open to all


"Within the sacred dance of your chakras lies the key to unlocking the mysteries of your soul and the boundless potential of your spirit."

- Melonie


Are you ready to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and transformation?

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Prepare to unlock the hidden potential within you as you delve deep into the ancient wisdom of Tantra and Chakra activation.


This immersive experience will empower you to embrace your inner divine energy, release past traumas, and awaken your sensuality like never before.


Join us on this enchanting quest, and let your authentic self shine as you explore the depths of your being.

Embarking on the path of Tantra and Chakra alignment is a profound journey towards self-discovery, empowerment, and spiritual growth.


Path to Tantra and Chakra Alignment

Benefits Await You:

Enhanced Self-Awareness: Dive deep into the waters of self-discovery, gaining profound insights into your desires, emotions, and energetic patterns.

Heightened Sensuality: Learn to awaken and channel your sexual energy, leading to a more passionate and fulfilling life.

Emotional Healing: Release emotional blocks, heal old wounds, and let go of limiting beliefs, paving the way for greater emotional well-being and resilience.

Spiritual Awakening: Connect with your spiritual essence, experience profound insights, and expand your consciousness.

Improved Relationships: Explore tantra and chakra practices that will help you forge deeper connections and intimacy in your relationships, fostering love, trust, and communication.

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We begin October 24th Complimentary & open to all


embark on a life-changing adventure of self-discovery, healing, and personal growth.


By participating in this program, you can expect to experience enhanced self-awareness, heightened sensuality, emotional healing, spiritual awakening, and improved relationships.

Imagine living a life where you are deeply connected to your body, mind, and soul, radiating love and positive energy in every interaction.


This is the power of tantra and chakra alignment.


Are You Ready to Be Unleashed?

Are you ready to unleash your inner power and embrace a life of profound transformation?


The Unleashed program beckons you to embark on a quest like no other. Dive deep into the realms of tantra and chakra alignment, and discover the infinite possibilities that await you. The time is now.

Embrace this opportunity and embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and personal growth. Join the Unleashed program and unlock the path to a life of bliss, fulfillment, and authentic connection.


Your destiny awaits.

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Join the Quest

Unlock your true potential and embrace a more vibrant, passionate, and authentic life.


Meet Melonie Kolton

Melonie Kolton is a Sacred Womb Doula & Catalyst for Sisterhood. 

She supports the next level woman in unlocking the wisdom of her womb, to awaken her creatress & rebirth through the divine Feminine within her. 


Melonie is an Intuitive Healer, Soulfilled Mentor and founder of the Soulfilled Sisterhood.Melonie has a soul purpose in guiding women back into to their inner flame of purpose, passion & desire, and healing the essence of divine feminine energy through Sisterhood, and the reunion with the sacred masculine. 


Melonie sees a vision of a collaborating sisterhood , a collective of energies , bringing the feminine energy into balance , creating a sacred space for all Healers, Goddesses, Priestesses, Medicine Women, Shamans, Witches, Wise Women, Sisters , Soulseers, Guides and Spiritual Leaders to find support to step into their gifts , achieve consciousness and have global impact.


Are you ready to awaken the portal and become the Creatress of your divine destiny?!

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