Sistermind Experiences


A circle of women who have your back no matter what and a no nonsense, mentor that will take you by the hand and teach you step-by-step how to embody your innate FEMININE POWER correctly, so you can direct the powerful energies of CREATION to unleash unlimited success in your life, relationships and business!

Sacred Womban

You possess the ancient knowledge about your Divine Feminine Sexuality, you are ready to learn about the

Power of your Womb

A woman in command of her own Womb Power is magnetic, visible, powerful and unstoppable.

The world is waiting for your magnificence to shine.

Sacred Womban (1).png

Embodied Femme

It’s time to transcend the old paradigm where we fight to edge our way into a man’s world.

It’s time to lead a ridiculously inspired, seriously magical, divine life full of enthusiasm and ease.

It’s time to live in radiance within your romantic relationships + be a light to the world.

It’s time to lead the way by embodying our highest, richest essence + appreciating all the Divinity within.