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1-1  Inclusive Mentorship


Sister It Would Be An Honour To Hold You Through Your

Quantum Expansion & Priestess Awakening


You get to receive it all & more

It comes down to your inner world, the relationship between your inner masculine & feminine

This high level intensive VIP mentorship is for the female leaders who are ready to serve from their healthy present penetrative masculine & orgasmic creatrix juicy feminine

For the woman who desires to be perpetually turned on by her service to the world

Creating positive impact & change on this planet

AND the woman who desires deep intimacy, a thriving relationship & multi dimensional lovemaking that fuels her creative expression

Are you ready to Embody it all & know your Souls Desires?



Goddess, you get to have it all. You get to serve from overflow, fully aligned in your dharma, receive all the abundance & melt into divine love 

You came here to make impact, creating from pure pleasure & feminine radiance AND have the most mind blowing intimate connections of your life

Most women either sacrifice their purpose for love

Or love for their purpose

This isn’t how it has to be


During this Mentorship

  • You will overcome blockages in the way of you living fully in your feminine radiance & abundance (financially, sexually & spiritually)

  • You will quantum leap your existing business to the next level of impact & abundance

  • You will learn how to channel your sexual energy into your creative energy & as a result be inspired with new creations that have been longing to birth through you 

  • You will align your life & business with the magic of your menstruation & womb wisdom

  • You will do life, business & relationships deeply connected to your feminine magnetism, intuition & awakened creativity

  • You will successfully scale your online business. I will teach you the secrets I have used in my biz; including – clarity of the vision, unlocking deeper aspects of your expression, branding, social media, marketing magic & sales

  • You will embody your healthy balance of your feminine energy with your masculine energy for greater ease flow & joy in all aspects of life

  • If single, & calling in beloved we will look at your inner relationship, heal your father wounds & inner masculine, so you can magnetise your divine counterpart 

  • If in partnership, take your lovemaking to the next dimension of intimacy & orgasmic bliss, as we unlock your Sex Priestess Codes

  • Live from more flow, less hustle & experience unlimited abundance as a result


Inclusive  Private 1:1 Mentoring is either a

6 or 12 month container

You will receive: 


  • Intimate & Personalized Support & Guidance

  • Bi-Weekly Zoom calls

  • Full Voxer Access

  • All my live programs

  • Personalized Energetics Report

  • Access to all automated courses and trainings

  • Discount on Mastermind & Sistermind Experiences

  • Includes ALL Soulfilled Sisterhood Circles & Workshop

You are invited

…on a mentorship journey into unlocking the Deep Feminine Codes within you, & begin living in fullest alignment with your feminine birthright

It is time to embody the woman you were born to be ~ sovereign, heart centred, abundant & creatively expressed

This is an exclusive high level mentorship program to be completed over a minimum 6 month duration


Regardless of what you are desiring to create, you are going to feel fully supported as you are guided with practical support & held accountable during the entire process

Inclusive Mentorship is for you if you...

• Find and truly ‘own’ the unique contribution you’re here to make


• Clarify your purpose and the transformation you bring through your leadership


• Discover and confidently express the core message you are inspired to share through your business


• Access a deeper sense of yourself and have the confidence to be powerfully authentic as you step into the biggest dream you hold for your leadership


• Transcend your past conditioning and heal the unconscious patterns of fear that have created resistance to your success


• Re-connect with a deeper sense of your feminine wisdom, power and capacity and how to bring it alive in your work


• Create new self-care and business support structures that honour and sustain your well-being


• Create a ‘Soulful Business Blueprint’ that forms the foundation for your true leadership ‘calling’ and your authentic success


• Learn to navigate a big life change with a much deeper trust in your own wisdom and in the support that life brings


• Find clarity for each next step and take action with accountability.


“Many women, myself included, lose touch with their feminine essence in order to cope in a world where the masculine prevails. I cannot imagine someone other than Melonie to help women from all backgrounds to reconnect to the power of their sacred femininity. Melonie teaches with equal amounts of assertiveness and kindness. Her guidance is always based on love and compassion. The side effect of working with her is that you miss her when Your time together is over, you miss the circles, the learning. Her energy deeply inspired me to access my own power, that was hidden underneath layers of masculine coping mechanisms. Her talent, grace, and wisdom are out of this world.”



  • Be held in a safe space to explore and develop your essential, highest self

  • Open your heart to traversing both the light and shadow within as the path of spiritual awakening

  • Receive gentle guidance aligned to your interests or calling to ancient mystery teachings

  • Co-create personal discovery experiences in a 1:1 sisterhood of mutual respect, authenticity, vulnerability, and empowerment

  • Use ancient wisdom teachings to improve your personal relationships, your health, and your career

  • Step into your full divine feminine power!

Being seen fully and loved unconditionally, being guided into the darkness of myself carefully with a skillful hand, being sung to, being gently adjusted,


receiving tough love from a trusted healer, learning from wise teachers…my own healing journey inspires the way that I serve others.

And, I lead by example: I am a forever student and on a life-long healing journey into my own heart.

It is my deepest honor to be in service to others who have chosen a path of healing, awareness, and expansion. It takes great courage to be seen and this is not lost on me, each time a client shows me their heart or invites me into their temple it is with great reverence that I arrive fully present and ready to hold their heart with velvet hands and sit with them at the altar of themselves.

The work that we do together is bigger than us, it is Spirit work - guided, exact, loving, and transformational.

There is something really, really incredible about healing my womb Space & Entering into Priestesshood, it has afforded me this new feeling of permission to step fully into claiming and owning my lived experience as the treasure and gold that it is. My Soul Journey has been deliberately preparing me for this work of deep service.

My clients can feel the scope of my own work, the depth of my own exploration, the capacity of my love and heart…from a whole, healed and holy place, because I’ve spent my life on this journey.

Each private mentorship is a pilgrimage: a journey into a sacred place, and I cannot wait to meet you there.


6 Months $9997  pay in full

12 months $15,555 pay in full

**Payment plans available**

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