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Who is Melonie?


Melonie is an Intuitive Healer, Spiritual Coach, Soulfilled Mentor and founder of the Soulfilled Sisterhood.  She has been connected to Spirit and Angels her entire life due to her Catholic upbringing.

Melonie felt the calling to dive deeper into her gifts and spirituality during a pivotal point in her life, to honor and share her wisdom and lessons with the world in the last 10 years. Melonie’s passion is helping women, who have lost connection with themselves due to unhealthy or unbalanced relationships, connect to their intuitive gifts and claim their feminine power. Helping to create a sacred space within to connect to their higher selves. Allowing them to find their soul aligned purpose and create the life they desire.

Melonie has a soul purpose in building a collective family among the Spiritual and Holistic community, one where we rise, co-create, support each other through conscious networking, and hosting monthly intuitive healing circles. She wants to break away the beliefs that we are alone in our journeys, ridding the fears of being in competition with each other.

Melonie sees a vision of a collaborating sisterhood, a collective of energies, bringing the feminine energy into balance, creating a sacred space for all Healers, Goddesses, Priestesses, Medicine Women, Shamans, Witches, Wise Women, Sisters , Soulseers, Guides and Spiritual Leaders to find support to step into their gifts, achieve consciousness and have global impact.

Commitment to Personal Growth:

"Throughout my entire life I’ve had an intrigue and curiosity around human development.  Most of life’s most important subjects weren’t taught to us in high school or college.

As I completed my experience with Life Mastery, I noticed my own personal struggle in integrating 'my new identity' and all the supporting information into my life. I had shifted beliefs, set new goals, identified my purpose in life, created new habits, raised my standards, and it was a bit overwhelming to say the least. I started reading more books (about 30+ a year), attended numerous other seminars from business skills, to investing, to relationships, to life.

I am proud to say that I 'walk my talk.' I love what I do. I’m on purpose. I am continually looking for new ways to learn and grow in all areas of my life. I have wonderful and amazing relationships in my life, including my husband.  I love being a dedicated and committed mother to my daughter and son. I have a fabulous support community and group of friends that I love. I am committed to my health and fitness and workout daily (well, almost daily). And, have plenty of fun, adventure and play in my ever expanding life. Sounds too good to be true? Well, my life is  NOT perfect, but it is fulfilling – and it gets better every day."

Creating an Extraordinary Life:

Creating an extraordinary life sounds great to many, but it doesn’t happen overnight. IT’S POSSIBLE. It takes intention, focus and disciplined action. And SUPPORT. I realize now there are five key resources to integrating the life of your dreams.

- Time.:   Time is most important. Even with conscious and disciplined attention, it takes time to transform your life.

- Desire::   You’ve got to want it. This is the fuel to ignite your dreams into reality, and it must be fully cultivated to sustain your pursuit of a better life or career.

- A  Professional Coach:   I wish I’d known about coaching years ago. Having someone keep you on track and help build momentum in your life, is a priceless resource (and yes, I’m a bit biased!).

-Action.:    Yep, without action, dreams remain dreams. And the pull back to “old ways” and old behaviors is easy and automatic.

-Inner Peace:   This is the secret ingredient that makes everything in life easier and more enjoyable.  It took me years to understand this.  Everything comes from inner peace.

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