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From the Fire

Rising late August 2024

We’ve been afraid of her wisdom.

We’ve been terrified of her Truth.

We’ve sought to control her power.

We’ve tried to extinguish her Will. We burned her Words.

We’ve blocked her Way. And still, we feel her.  

If your fear of what people think is holding you back from being your most magical self…

If you know that you have spiritual gifts or magic in you…

If you want to live your full potential but you’re afraid of how it would impact your life if you TRULY embraced your power…

If you have a voice of self-judgment within you and it self-sabotages you living your truth…

This is for you.

Fire Dance Show

Burned at the stake…


Your wisdom denied…

Your power shut down or hidden…

Yet YOU still feel her
She is within you

Camp Fire

The Magik twitching, electric in us. The longing to say the Truth, to pull the strings of the Cosmos and heal the world, to fight and protect those who have forgotten their power and to initiate the children into living in alignment with the Heartbeat of the Mother. We’ve denied but secretly craved her.

Witches are healers, medicine women and men, shamans, priestesses and priests, teachers, the ones who owned the sacred mysteries and learned how to cultivate the Will, the Words and the Way.  
It is the Witch who knows the whisperings that bring a person "back from the dead”, how to restore wellness and vitality, to harness the forces of nature and the cosmos to create and to read the patterns of nature to predict the future in order to keep others safe.
The witch is the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone, the ones who embody passion, compassion and seeks to build a lasting legacy that is in harmony with the Truth.
For hundreds of years we’ve tried to kill the Witch.
Camp Fire

As you read these words, do they resonate deep within you, awakening a potent memory that you forced yourself to bury because you learned at an early age that it’s not safe to listen, it’s not allowed for you to speak, it’s forbidden for you to follow the path that you know is yours to follow….

Activate your inner healer, reclaim your voice, and embody your spiritual gifts with confidence

On this 3 month journey, you will dive deep within to meet and confidently embody your voice, inner healer, and the magic of your lineage. You will emerge with a deep sense of self-worth and self-trust — and a profound connection to your true self, your intuition, and your ancestors.

The healing modalities you will experience include ancestral healing, shadow work, feminine embodiment, past life healing, learning about the history of witches and ancestry, and self-expression work held in sacred circle.

You will connect with your voice and feel your innermost truth — and have the chance to express yourself in the safe space of our sisterhood, and be witnessed in the full-spectrum magic, sacred emotion, and gifts that you carry.

This is for you if you want to heal yourself, connect to your intuition, and express your fullest self in the world — but on some level, you’re afraid of being seen, heard, or judged for your inner truth. It’s time to heal at the root!

You will connect to your wise ancestors and reclaim the spiritual gifts, wisdom, and power that live within your lineage and past lives. You will heal ancient patterns, release emotions, and find the deep, empowered woman that lives within you so that you can show up as her every single day.

It’s time to step into your most magical, embodied, wild self…

The most liberated and confident version of you…

If you feel your Purpose burning inside of you but you hold yourself back, struggle with visibility, have a self-sabotage pattern that keeps you stuck in the same place, are afraid to speak your Truth and fear saying what is yours to say, you may be struggling with the ancestral lineage of your Witch heritage.

Magik, REAL Magik, requires that we suspend all doubts and beliefs in the fixed formulas of life. 
It requires a deep ability to navigate the formless with confidence and power, directing Life Force with the intention to help the world move towards unity, coherence and to evolve. It requires a willingness to listen, the ability to transform the Divine into language and a way to transmit and share your knowledge and power. 

She's waiting for you

During this three-month sistermind you’re going to:
• Call in your ancestral Witch lineage and heal your disconnect from your ancestral magic  
• Discover the science of Magic and how to use real magic to heal your life, your loved ones and the world
• Re-Interpret your magick through the lens of your Witch Wound and use it to cast a spell to reclaim your Power 
• Use your magic to create the life you long for
• Find your Path to fulfilling your Purpose
• Release yourself from the trauma of the Witch Wound
• Learn which elements are supported by your Energetics and how to use them to amplify your Magic
• Unleash the fire within
You will Receive:
  • Weekly Coaching calls
  • Sacred Ceremony sessions bi-weekly
  • Supplemental Integration tools
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Day to Day Voxer chat

This Experience is for you if…

  • You’re ready to know your self-worth and confidently embody your full power + magic

  • You’re ready to heal the fear of being seen, using your true voice, or being judged for your spiritual gifts

  • You want to trust your intuition + release the voice of self-doubt that eats away at you from the inside

  • You want to rediscover your wild self — who you were before the world told you who to be

  • You’re ready to let go of what holds you back from sharing your true self with the world

  • You yearn to be guided by an experienced healer and mentor who can take you under her wing

  • You’re ready to tap into the magic that lives in your blood & bones, and integrate it into your life to heal yourself, your ancestors, and future generations

  • You feel there may be healers, witches or medicine women in your lineage and you want to meet them and connect with them for their healing, wisdom, and guidance

  • You feel that you may have had past lives or ancestors who were burned at the stake, drowned, outcast, or killed for being healers or sharing their truth

  • You want to deeply honor the women who were silenced, persecuted, or had to hide their magic, so you can confidently shine in your full power





Do these resonate deep in your soul?

You belong here.

From the Fire  FB Cover.jpg

It's your time to 
Rise from the Fire

Late August 2024

The future of the world lies in the hands of the Embodied Witch. 
She is here to birth the energetic template of the New World with her Power and by restoring the Will, the Words and the Way. She uses her hands to heal those in pain, to distribute nourishment, to co-create with nature, to program the waters and to amplify the Love in the world.  
She casts the spells that redefine the story of Who We Are. She builds the Temple of Tomorrow with her Faith as she stands strong and unwavering in defense of the innocent and proclaiming the Right Path for future generations.
The Embodied Witch is You.
Join us.

It’s time to rise!!!

This is for you if you feel an ancient call that you haven’t ever been quite able to describe with words.

You yearn for something deeper — something sacred — that you feel many people around you don’t quite understand.

You’re a DEEP woman with a vast capacity to feel, and a natural gift of healing… and if you’re honest with yourself, you feel that you’re just scratching the surface of what’s possible.

You're ready to connect to the deep gifts that you know live inside of you, that are yearning to be expressed.

You’re ready to meet parts of you that are full of mysterious power. Parts that feel ancient or indescribable… because deep down, you feel that your powers, gifts, or memories are beyond this life alone.

You’re ready to not only unlock your gifts for yourself, but to create a new paradigm on this planet.

Your heart is aching to do profound healing work and for it to ripple out to touch the earth, water, animals, plants… and your ancestral lineage.

Deep within you, you hold a prayer for sacred ancient wisdom to be remembered — and for the true divine feminine to rise on our planet for the highest good of all.

It’s time for you to remember who you are.

You are a healer,
You are a wise woman,
You are a wild woman,
and you are here to heal yourself
and create a new paradigm on our planet
where the wild feminine essence is truly honored
within all.

If you are ready to say “yes” to this path that has been calling your name from deep in your bones…

Now is the time.

Will you answer the call?

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