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It’s interesting to explore the many dimensions and modalities that can help you become self-aware. Learning about your masculine and feminine energy can be a significant step towards inner union.

We all have feminine & masculine energy within us. It is not limited to one’s appearance or gender.


United Soul Mentoring is all about shifting from your conditioning and Ego to living from your Soul essence. It's about shifting from Self to Soul as you become conscious and awakened to who you are. Our program does not give you answers, it helps you to find answers within your self in order for you to be more at peace with who you are!

Throughout our mentoring, we look at your conditioning and what has shaped you into the person you are today. We evaluate the archetypes of the masculine and feminine as we help you to shift your consciousness and awareness so you can live from a place of higher self.
Then I support & guide you in bringing the masculine and feminine into alignment so that you can become whole within yourself.

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A  big part of feeling rooted, safe and grounded in the world is being a whole person rather than seeking the missing part outside of ourselves.  Most relationships are based on finding someone to “complete us” which only leads to co-dependency and then a lack of safety within whenever the person we are depending on isn’t with us. In order to feel whole, in order to feel safety within, we need to cultivate both our masculine and our feminine energies, and create that wholeness within ourselves first! 

Just like we have outer coupling, we also have inner coupling and the strength and fluidity of our outer coupling is a reflection of our inner reality.  By integrating the missing pieces of these two energies, you will cultivate relationships that reflect the love, ease and unity within your own Being and end the relationships that don’t.

WE have 3 main consistent energies that unite together to create our completed essence :

- The Sacred Masculine 

- The Divine Feminine

- The Inner child

Each of these reflected in the way we show up in the world, and for ourselves. When we living through conditioning and resposnsiveness, we are not living from an aligned state of our authentic flow & truths.

Both masculine and feminine energies are equally dynamic and vital, and we need access to both ways of being. To be a free and fully functioning person, however, we need to know when to be what. Not only do we get into trouble when we employ the wrong energy for the task, our relationships suffer when we are out of balance.



United Self is a month Private 1:1 Mentoring container

You will receive: 


  • 6-Bi Weekly calls 75 mins held on zoom

  • Full Voxer support in between calls

  • Access to all workshops held during our time together

  • 3 recorded activations to align your masculine energy, your feminine energy, & your authentic flow

$3333 pay in full
$1333 x 3 months

During our time together, we will spend one month intentionally focused on diving deep into the healing of your :

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"Human strengths such as willpower, compassion, and the seeking of freedom are kept alive when people are inspired by love and there is a blending of feminine and masculine qualities. Those who live deeply in love with the fullness of life are capable of fighting for what they care for with all that they have."


United Soul is the space for you if you are constantly feeling like:

  • Your life & energy is chaotic

  • You are constantly in hustle mode

  • You are always on the edge of burnout

  • Rushing through tasks and not leaving time for self-care

  • Controlling situations to the point of stress and anxiety instead of being in trust and flow

  • Only trusting your mind and never trusting your heart, body, or intuition

  • Working long hours and feeling either drained or wired at the end of the day

  • Being overly-emotional to the point that your emotions take over completely

  • Neediness, co-dependency, or not trusting your worth or abilities

  • Inability to focus; being indecisive, scattered, confused, or disorganized

  • Believing in personal stories of powerlessness or victimization

$3333 pay in full
$1333 x 3 months


This is the space for you if you are ready  : 

  • To relax the over reliance of your masculine and invite in the flow and ease of your feminine

  • Cultivate strong intuition and ability to confidently express and honour your emotions and desires

  • Develop unwavering self love, worth and confidence within yourself, your decisions and your life

  • Create deep and lasting connection with yourself, friendships and with partners

  • Be open and receptive to manifest your dreams and live in your pleasure

  • Find success & comfort in both the being & the doing without burnout or fear

  • You correctly embody your masculine + feminine energy

  • Heal your masculine + feminine energy wounds 

  • Gain a new sense of inner peace and balance.

  • You let your guard down and learn to trust your intuition.

  • You break your own barriers and limitations.

  • Break free from societal sterotypes based on gender roles

  • Know the feeling of safety within yourself, knowing that you are whole within yourself

  • To get out of the hustle & lean into a life on desire

  • To create a harmonic realtionship with yourself once again

Now is your time to become your 

United Self!  


$3333 pay in full
$1333 x 3 months

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