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Plant Medicine Packages

Integrating with the divine spirit of pachamama

My mission is to bring the sacred gifts of pachamama, integrating and healing using psychedelics.

i am a trauma-informed space that uses somatic tools, awakening kundalini energy, and invoking christ consciousness to help you integrate your psychedelic experiences. 

You may be looking for a safe space to integrate your psychedelic experiences as well as heal from trauma. I can help you do that.
I am here for you!

In the deep dive packages, we work with DMT, also known as the Spirit molecule. In these sessions, we explore your past lives and your soul purpose in this life. We also address any blocks that could be preventing you from fulfilling your life's purpose.

The sessions are held in a comfortable and safe space where you can explore your deepest fears and desires, healing trauma and finding a path forward in your life.

In the microdose sessions, we work with psilocybin (magic mushrooms) to explore your inner world and help you connect more deeply with yourself and others around you.

Psilocybin is a powerful psychedelic that can be used to treat depression and anxiety. In this session you will gain insight on how to live in more of an acceptance state than a suffering one.

**I am open to remote sessions, at the coverage of travel costs **


Melonie Kolton Inc does not supply, manufacture, distribute or condone the use of any illegal substances. The goal of Melonie Kolton Inc is to facilitate access to trained shamans who work with sacred plant medicines within an accepted, sacramental and ceremonial context. The shamans personally evaluate each guests’ needs and work strictly within the laws of their training and all local and national laws where the ceremonies will take place.

We do not guarantee any results or outcomes, specific medicine usage, etc. Each participant is responsible for informing themselves about possible pharmaceutical drug contraindications, including but not limited to SSRI and other stabilizing medication. They assume all responsibility for due diligence required for their participation.

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