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Are you ready to dive deep into what it means to wake up? Are you ready to embark on a journey to discover the wild, divine feminine within?

You are being called to learn the language of your soul through whole body activation to come into alignment and create a life of meaning, purpose and deep connection.


I am constantly receiving downloads and inspiration to create programs to guide and support others through their Spiritual Awakenings, and to restore energetic balance to the collective!

Whether you desire live and interactive programs , in close proximity to me, or you desire to move at your own pace with self led course, there is bound to be something in my Sacred Vault to appease your Soul. 

The journey of unification of one
's Soul self into thy Whole self, is a specialized medicine that I am here to support other women with. 

Join me on the path of a nourishing and soulfilled life!


Live Workshops & Programs

Always changing and evolving with the change of seasons and shifts in energy. 

Live and interactive workshops, challenges & Programs


Our ultimate goal for self-awareness is in realizing that we already ARE everything we need. But the number one obstacle we face, which prevents us from knowing this truth, is being driven by our human desire to have a partner to fulfill us.

When you are self-sufficient, you stop craving relationships to complete you. You are no longer a ‘half’.
And nothing is ‘missing’ in you.
This is a significant aspect of inner union.

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Grounded Goddess

As modern women, we often find ourselves swept away in the currents of life, losing touch with the sacred connection we have with our bodies. The Grounded Goddess Program is a sacred space where you can return to yourself, anchoring in the power of your body while soaring with the spirit of your soul.

In this program, safety is not just a word; it is a feeling—a sanctuary you create within your body and mind. Through gentle practices, powerful techniques, and unconditional support, you will learn to honor and respect the vessel that houses your magnificent spirit.

Now is the time to honor your body, mind, and soul. Embrace safety within and unlock the wings of your spirit to soar. The Grounded Goddess Program awaits, ready to embrace you as you are and lead you to the extraordinary woman you are meant to be.

Are you ready to step into your power, soaring with spirit while anchored in safety? The journey to your true self begins here.

Sacred Vessel

Explore personal and collective fears to be a divine vessel of the feminine in the world. Here we touch on the ancient layers where the feminine expression has been shut down for thousands of years.


Discover your conscious and unconscious motivations of why you would like to be a vessel for the awakening of the feminine. Purify your feminine power, hollow out and humble heart to the ground and face in the mud. Open deeply to your true calling and longing as an embodied prayer. 

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Self-Led Workshops & Courses

Find past programs and workshops BELOW!!!

Move at your own pace workshops, challenges & Programs

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