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Awakening the Goddess within is every woman’s birthright. As cyclical beings, we are endowed with countless sacred feminine gifts, and learning how to honor and harness them can help us own our feminine power wholly and unapologetically, and become flourishing forces in the world.


While there are goddesses across all times and cultures that represent every facet of life, the Triple Goddess in particular captures the essence of all life: birth, growth, and death/tansformation, and eventual renewal. As such, they symbolize this divine dance throughout the cosmos: from the formation and destruction of stars throughout galaxies, to the phases of the moon in our sky, to the change of seasons on Mother Earth.

Traditionally presented as the Maiden-Mother-Crone archetypes, these goddesses support every milestone of a woman’s journey: from entering womanhood (Maiden), to embracing motherhood (Mother) and empowering us in menopause (Crone). They show up every month at each phase of our menstrual cycles, and understanding how to embrace their gifts throughout all stages can make the difference between merely getting through or joyously thriving through them.

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When we learn how to embrace the gifts of our cycles each month and at every phase, we start embodying the essence of the Triple Goddess and cultivate the power to create our lives as we wish. We know exactly when and how to focus our energies so that we become in sync with optimal timing for the conception, creation and fruition of our highest intentions.

The path to reclaiming our sacred feminine gifts is one of the most healing and rewarding ones for us women, and reconnecting with the Triple Goddesses within us can initiate us on this journey.

Are you ready to meet & Integrate with your

- Your Maiden archetype

- Your Mother archetype

- Your Crone archetype

The diversity and complexity of each goddess from each trine reveals just how multidimensional the characteristics and gifts of each sacred-feminine aspect are. As such, it is important to explore and honor the mysteries and strengths of our own womanhood and each cycle we find ourselves in.

It truly is a beautiful, life-long process that once fully appreciated and actualized, empowers us to express our divine feminine wisdom in all its facets. In doing so, it elevates every part of our lives.


Triple Goddess Transform is a month Private 1:1 Mentoring container

You will receive: 


  • 6-Bi Weekly calls 75 mins held on zoom

  • Full Voxer support in between calls

  • Access to all workshops held during our time together

  • 3 part recorded initiation sequence to receive and embody the divine form as one triple goddess with reconnection of your Maiden, Mother & Crone

$3333 pay in full
$1333 x 3 months

During our time together, we will spend one month intentionally focused on diving deep into the Initiation & Alchemy of your :

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You will experience the triple Goddess—Maiden, Mother, and Crone. These phases are symbolic to, not just your own life, but life as a whole. Birth, life, and death. As women, it is important to understand you are the cycle.

Triple Goddess Mentorship is for you if you...

  • ​You are at the crossroads of mid to late life and living in a society like ours, which does not value old age, especially for women, and you're ready to jump in and reexamine and release some of these unhelpful frames of thinking about aging. 

  • You're willing to take a deep dive into the question, what must I dig deep inside myself to find, in order to face the challenges of this stage of life? 

  • You're drawn to the idea of the dark feminine, a spiritual, earthy force that guides you in a deep way. 

  • You are tired of the way our culture looks at aging, especially for women. 

  • You are curious about ideas such as the "Divine Feminine" but aren't quite sure how to think or talk about this, sometimes it sounds too Hallmark cardy!

  • You're not interested in "spiritual bypass" (using spirituality as a way of avoiding real growth) or relentless positivity. You want this to be real.

$3333 pay in full
$1333 x 3 months


The Maiden represents independence, the youthfulness and anticipation of life/creation - whether it be physical, material, mental or spiritual.

The Mother represents creation, whether it be the physical desire, mental will, and spiritual love that go together to create end

lessly on many levels.

The Crone represents dissolution, age and the wisdom of experience. She teaches us to comprehend the full cycle of life of beginnings and endings.
Owning and integrating these energies within ourselves helps us embrace the flow of life more fully.

It’s a journey, not a destination, with ever more layers to be discovered. 



Awaken the ancient Goddess codes of feminine power, wisdom, intuition, healing, alchemy, courage, rage, compassion, grace, love, pleasure, passion, sensuality, sacred sexuality, ecstasy, clarity, purpose, fertility, receptivity, vitality, flow, creativity, abundance, radiance, sovereignty, shakti, magic and so much more…


Activate the Goddess codes of the High Priestess, Mystic, Dark Goddess, Warrioress, Loveress, Creatrix, Alchemist, Sorceress, Transformer, Liberator, Wild Wombyn, Muse, Witch, Wise Wombyn, Medicine Wombyn, Shamaness, Sage, Triple Goddess, Enchantress, Magician, Prophetess, Oracle, Leader, Healer, Queen and Empress.


Uncover, release and forever transmute your past wounds, unconscious, shadow, energetic, inner child, karmic, generational and ancestral blocks so you can be free to manifest your dreams from the feminine–with grace and joy.


Cultivate and embody Goddess-level self-love, worth, value, and confidence to heal and evolve all your relationships and attract the loving, honoring and supportive relationships you deserve.


Clarify and align with your dharma/divine calling, magnetize dream opportunities, and serve and lead with love to rise as an abundantly successful, purposeful and inspirational Empress Goddess!


Develop your psychic abilities and hone your Priestess skills of oracle reading, space holding, channeling, sacred word, ritual, conjuring, and energy mastery to become a clear vessel for divine guidance, love, and miracles.

Now is your time to embody your 

Triple Goddess

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$3333 pay in full
$1333 x 3 months

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