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Goddess Emergence


You are the Goddess, manifest. It is time to remember who you are. If you are here, She–the Great Goddess Herself–has called you. She is holding her heart and wings and arms wide open as She invites you back into your own Goddess majesty, power and light. At this moment in time, She has opened a sacred portal for you to live fully from your feminine power and break free of patterns that keep you from living the Goddess worthy life you deserve. She is DONE with this, and needs you to be too. Because as the daughter and holy extension of the Goddess… You were not made to: Neglect your feminine essence Burnout in hyper-masculine mode Forget your innate feminine gifts Deny your good because of shame and guilt Feel disconnected from your divinity Self-sabotage because of low-self worth You were not meant to: Stay stuck in painful unconscious, karmic, inner child and ancestral patterns that keep attracting all Joing Goddess Emergence to embody all your inner Goddesses and fully activate your Divine Feminine wisdom, power and gifts. Learn to dance with your inner Goddess, heal your blocks, manifest your dreams, and quantum leap into the Goddess you are through Sacred Feminine alchemy, initiation & embodiment. I will guide you through sacred womb healing rituals, activation of the fire in your sacral, expanding your sensual and sexual magnetism through 8 indepth trainings designed to empower you to allow your Goddess to emerge and reclaim her throne.

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