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Chakras: Clear, Connect & Calibrate


Most people think of the chakras — the seven energy centers running along the spine — in terms of healing old wounds or woo-woo spirals of energy that must flow in order to prevent disease. That’s if you think of the chakras at all. But these centers provide a meaningful framework for not only understanding ourselves more deeply but also organizing life in such a way that self-actualization becomes inevitable. When you release unresolved emotions from your energy field you can start to : ✔express your feelings and your needs clearly and free from guilt ✔let go of resentment towards people and situations you have no control over ✔reduce your fears and move through them ✔create stronger bonds and better intimacy in your romantic relationship ✔find creative solutions, inspiration and motivation to reorient your career reduce your level of anxiety and regain trust in yourself and your ability to face life’s trials ✔free yourself from repeating undesirable patterns and sabotaging your progress What will I learn & get? 💥An overview of the Chakras 💥How to scan your Chakras 💥4 Clearing techniques 💥A self-care assessment and creation of your vision of balance plan 💥How to care for each of your Chakras and ritual ideas 💥Daily healing scripts for each of the Chakras 💥 A list of balancing gemstones for each of the Chakras 💥A list of trapped emotions, limiting beliefs and dynamics for each of the Chakras 💥Writing prompts and advanced inquiry & questions for each of the Chakras

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