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Auras & Energy Fields


If you want to know more about energy fields, auras and healing then now’s your chance! It’ll not only add a new dimension to your life (literally) but it’ll help you become more aware of energy fields and subtle energies in your daily life. You are a being of light; a multidimensional field of energy referred to as the aura. Your aura is a dynamic, interactive, and open field of energy within and around your physical body. Your energy field is constantly changing according to your thoughts, feeling, emotions, beliefs and attitudes and is influenced by external environmental factors. Your mission is to maintain balance and order in your energy field and to allow energy to freely circulate through you. Your aura has the ability to shift universal energy with your consciousness toward a higher vibration of love, or a lower vibration called fear. The choice is yours. The purpose of this workshop is to appreciate the anatomy and physiology of your energy field, and to understand the function of its components, such as your etheric, emotional, mental, astral and soul bodies. Learning how to sense and understand the aura field and its purpose. Interact and share with participants on how to release the emotions, thoughts, and beliefs that cause dysfunction in your life, and disrupt the natural flow of energy within your aura. And most importantly, practice how to align your energy field to promote good physical, emotional, and mental health and well being.

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