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Goddess Codes


You feel it, you know it... Get ready to embrace it Goddess Codes are an ancient wisdom embedded in your DNA, movements that open the portals for you to step into your light, fulfill your destiny and become the woman you came here to be. It's beyond the divine feminine essence, or a deeply healing masculine, it is the effortless flow of harmonic balance that allows yourself to be completely pure and authentic in your truest form. Embody the Keys of the Goddess and feel her work through you: ​ ~Experiencing depth, feeling and freedom within your body ~Living, loving and leading with fierce grace ~Fully embracing your light and dark energies ~Using your body and her wisdom as a portal for potent intuition & Soul truth KNOW THAT FLOW AND RADIANCE ARE YOUR BIRTHRIGHTS AND THERE IS A WISE AND WILD WOMAN waiting to awaken within!

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Divine Feminine


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