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We each naturally have a magnetic energy.

When we are embodying our pleasure, sensuality, playfulness, lightness, & joy, we radiate a bright & vibrant energy.

When we are connected to our body, anchored in our divine power, & tuned into our intuition, we feel deeply supported & effortlessly guided to what we want.

When we awaken & embody the fullness of our radiant feminine essence, our energy becomes like a magnet attracting into our life what our heart desires.

Counter balancing the divine masculine of safety, structure & protection within our physical & energetic bodies. 

But when we disconnect from our essence & get stuck in our heads, planning, controlling, & trying to make things happen, we disconnect from the natural flow of life.

Our innate magic dries up, our manifestations are stifled, & our desires remain unfulfilled.

When we disconnect from our magnetic feminine energy, we disconnect from our ability to effortlessly create the life of our dreams.

Unify thy Soul Self, into thy Whole Self.

Your Unique Medicine is your gift to share 

It is a gift that allows you to drop into the flow and be carried to where you need to be with complete faith and trust.

It is a gift that allows you to sink into your natural essence and experience ease, pleasure, aliveness and abundance.

It is a gift that allows you to feel guided by your divine inner wisdom, where your steps are revealed clearly by your intuition without you having to figure them out.

Magnetism is about coming into alignment with your radiant feminine & masculine essences and then allowing yourself to flow and be led to what is truly right for you - what is right for your highest expansion and growth and your highest joy.

It is about knowing that you are always radiating a frequency and when you tune your frequency to one of pleasure, joy, play, radiance and love, your life becomes magical.

I used to thrive on being a driven, ambitious, controlling, action-focused woman & it took some pretty big wake-up calls, including running myself into the ground through my work addiction & numerous failed relationships, before I realized just how disconnected I was from my feminine.

I struggled with feeling my emotions, connecting with my body, being vulnerable, expressing my wants & needs, receiving, surrendering, & releasing control. I pushed away & rejected my feminine & saw her as being needy, weak, over-emotional & unproductive.

Women are the embodiment of Yin, the Divine Feminine principle. We were born to experience this fully. We were born to live directly from the intuitive waters of our Womb & directly live purpose-aligned with our highest excitement & creative passion. Living from your Feminine Essence, means living from your body, listening to your intuition, owning your pleasure/sexuality & inherent power, & being magnetic.

This is not taught to us as women, & if you are like me who grew up in Western society with no feminine initiation - I didn’t even know what it meant to be a woman until I went on my own journey of self-love & feminine embodiment.

It is your birthright to live as the

Queen & Sovereign woman that you are.

As women, we thrive when we are loved, nurtured, & supported. We radiate when we are seen, heard, held, & celebrated.

This is what we are all deeply craving & what we most need to give to ourselves.

And that is why I created the Divine Feminine Principles Workbook!

My Gift to you

Embody. Align, Remember & Rise

Awaken the Medicine Within

Transforming wounds into Wisdom & Wisdom into Superpowers


Rise together & Embody your Divine Feminine Essence

Collectively we are awakening the divine feminine power within and it is a movement that we all can feel in our hearts, our soul, and in our bones. This patriarchal world has shamed, blamed, abused, framed, and commodified women for lifetimes. Many of us have fallen into the illusion that our emotions, specifically our anger, our rage, and our sensuality/sexuality are sinful, dangerous and something to fear.

Awaken. Embody. Align. Rise. Shine



I'm Melonie! 

I am a radiant alchemical womb goddess, and guide, offering visionary souls a transformative journey of healing and empowerment. With a rich tapestry of expertise as a Plant Medicine Facilitator, Tantric teacher, Somatic and Trauma Practitioner, I seamlessly intertwine ancient wisdom with modern practices, crafting an immersive experience for individuals on their path to holistic transformation.

In my nurturing embrace of nature and spirituality, I create a sacred space where individuals form deep connections with sacred plant medicines, embracing their transformative essence. Beyond the ceremonial experience, I provide unwavering guidance and support, ensuring that the healing extends seamlessly into everyday life.

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