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Unify thy Soul Self, into thy Whole Self.

We are all unique and beautifully different, there is no denying that. It’s one of the most amazing parts about being human, this ability to express who we are. Our journeys may look different and still our desire for connection, community, love, and wholeness remain shared desires among all beings. On this path to mending, our desire to learn can not come at the expense of our wholeness or our connection to self.

The Dark Goddess Calls 
Remember your Primal Self

Embody. Align, Remember & Rise

Awaken the Medicine Within

Transforming wounds into Wisdom & Wisdom into Superpowers


Rise together & Embody your Divine Feminine Essence

Collectively we are awakening the divine feminine power within and it is a movement that we all can feel in our hearts, our soul, and in our bones. This patriarchal world has shamed, blamed, abused, framed, and commodified women for lifetimes. Many of us have fallen into the illusion that our emotions, specifically our anger, our rage, and our sensuality/sexuality are sinful, dangerous and something to fear.


Awaken. Embody. Align. Rise. Shine



I'm Melonie! 

I am a Sacred Womb Doula & Catalyst for Divine Feminine Embodiment. 

My work is for the woman who leads from her soul, and desires to expand her spiritual gifts and consciousness. She knows she is here for the rising of the collective and creation of a new paradigm through sharing her sacred medicines, and embodiment of her truest form, but doesn't necessarily how to unlock those codes within herself.

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