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Hi ! I'm Melonie . 


I am a Spiritual Expansion & Integration Mentor, as a direct channel of Source energy, a divine Oracle, I use my gifts and understanding to help women to deepen their relationship with themselves, spirit, & the divine feminine , to unlock the truest parts of their being, to find fulfilment, happiness and abundance.


I works with female healers, spiritual coaches & women who are looking to unlock their psychic abilities and step into their soul's purpose through a deeper connection to their Higher Self and Spirit. Creating Soulfilled businesses, & creating a life that allows them to openly receive an abundance of love, freedom and wealth while serving others.


I am on a journey to support the rising of the Divine Feminine energy, activating the Goddesses, and High Priestesses still in slumber, knowing that through the awakening of the divine femme, the masculine will be healed. 

Creating a world on energetic balance, and harmony. 

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Grounded into the Higher Realms, helping woman re-light and embrace their inner flame through connection to their higher self, Intuition and passion. Coming into higher consciousness, soul awakening and alignment of their soulfilled purpose ♥

This is an environment dedicated to nurturing your connection to your Soul so that you can create both a life filled with purpose and meaning and a livelihood that is joyful and inspired from a higher place.

We're looking for risk-taking.

We're looking to overcome fears

This space is where healers from around all over come to share their stories, gifts and wisdom. This is a safe space to unleash your inner healer, ask questions and be real about the healers journey that isn't always so pretty.

The group is here to support you along your journey to expansion & ascension.


It's time to get SOULFILLED

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