Hi ! I'm Melonie .  I’m a born Healer, Spirit channel and  Medium.

I have spent the last few years diving deep into my Spiritual journey, and learning to embrace my gifts with openness and gratitude.

My deep connection to intuition has helped me though many major obstacles in life. 
I have been helping others along their journeys with such amazing transformations and understanding.
As a spiritual coach I use my clairvoyant, medium and intuitive gifts to help you on your life journey.  I get messages from spirit - from your loved ones and from your guides in the form of visions (clairvoyant), knowing (claircognizance) and feelings (clairsentience).
I also get messages from your energy field  to see what blocks you have that are stopping you reaching your destiny then I help to remove those blocks, (this is the energy healing part). Sometimes I see past traumas, sometimes people - it's always interesting!
A bit about what I offer:


  • Spiritual Mentorship

  • Soulfilled Coaching

  • Energy scanning to identify blockages in Chakras

  • Release of emotional blockages to allow life to flow more naturally

  • Affirm positive emotional and energetic patterns

  • Spirit Plant Medicine sessions

  • Integration Coaching

  • Meditation

  • Channeled Guidance and Readings

  • Chakra Cleansing, Alignment & Activation

  • Energy Healing

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