Destiny of your goddess

1/2 day work shop

Jan 16th 1pm-4:30PM- Zoom

Recording will be available for replay if unable to jump in live!

Manifesting from your soul feels good. It isn’t about forcing the world to bend to your will, it is about co- creating with the power of life itself. When you manifest from your soul, you not only bring your visions to life, but you become more alive too. You are healing yourself through the process of creation whilst your world transforms along with you.


From exploring the power of sound and light, to embracing darkness and healing through joy, celebrating being different, honouring being a rebel and expressing your passion as well as your compassion, you will be offered many ways to heal and manifest your divine destiny

Hecate assists, guides and lights the way from the Underworld. As we surface from the current extraordinary time, and deal with the concerns and changes facing us and the world around us, we may need sanctuary, inspiration, navigation, magic, divination, healing balms and a lady with a lamp!

Radical liberation, fierce grace and profound transformation are the gifts the Goddess Hecate bestows upon us.

When we step into the energy and the practices of the Dark Goddess, as we do in this workshop, we take a journey into the deeper, more hidden realms of Self. These realms are powerful access points for true reclamation of self. 

The  Goddess liberates, transforms and loves with such ferocity that even our deepest, darkest energies and longest standing patterned ways of being don't stand a chance. There is nowhere within our being, our psyche or our energetic system that She can't access. There is no trauma, no wound, no ancestral patterning and no karmic imprint she can't release or alchemically transform.

She is Shadow Worker, Fierce Liberator, Radical Transformer and she will stop at nothing in order to gift you your everything - your wholeness, your fullness!

This online workshop is a fiercely transformative yet love-filled way to explore the  Goddess in a very safe and very sacred way.

Empower your voice, let your heart receive and allow the universe to support you on your journey. On this beautiful day, we sit in a gorgeous energy template that offers guided visualization, moving mediation to healing music and an honouring sacred ritual of completion, all held in a supportive and loving group environment.

Feel your soul grow, where divine healing happens, and your intuitive inner wisdom becomes the light that you can share with this world!

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