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Womb Healing Activation Meditation

As we heal and rise in the Divine Feminine Energy, we birth the healing and awakening of the divine masculine. When these can rise in unison, in effortless flow and balance, we will see the making of Heaven on Earth. 


The Womb space can function like an emotional junk-drawer. This is where we often store energetic imprints of past relationships, lovers, emotional memories, and trauma. These imprints can stay buried in our subconscious, creating energetic blocks in our womb space (or Hara for men). 


The Womb Space is ALSO our seat of deep wisdom and our creative power center. It is where we birth new life and/or new ideas into the world. The truth is, birthing doesn’t just happen on the physical plane in the form a child. We ALL experience the birthing process on an energetic plane, in the form of a new project, new business, new intention, or perhaps a new way of living. When energetic blocks form here (our sacral chakra), we can feel stuck. Without our Shakti flowing freely, we lack clarity and our power is limited. Our Wombs are direct portals for spirit to enter the physical realm…whether that’s in the form of a baby, or an inspiration to materialize an idea.


Prepare to enter the deep Feminine Consciousness! Womb Healing is a profoundly transformational experience that has the potential heal thousands of years of ancestral wounding.

Womb Healing Activation Meditation

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