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Mary Magdalene is in our hearts and imaginations... no matter our faith or spiritual path.

She holds the potent, all-encompassing, life-affirming, and life-evolving archetypal energies of the Divine Feminine.

Mary Magdalene inspires us to look within to our own inner temple to fully embody our divine human sovereignty as women.

In these times, her archetypal energies can be catalyzed to help you find your way through uncertainty, fear, anxiety, trauma, grief, physical or emotional imbalances, spiritual depletion, or a lost sense of Self.

Instead of seeking the leadership you crave from outside yourself, Mary Magdalene teaches that you hold within you the wisdom and divinity to overcome your challenges, navigate life’s complexities, and enjoy the fullness of an empowered, creative, and joyous life.

When you join us for this inspiring workshop, you’ll discover Mary Magdalene’s presence in your own heart — and that her ascended feminine voice powerfully urging you to claim your sovereignty is actually your own.


This workshop is just under 4 hours in length and you receive lifetime access, to work at your own pace, and revisit as you desire! 

Mary Magdalene : Healing with Divinity

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