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Sacred Spiral


Beautiful sister - This isn't a course on periods It's about harnessing the power of seasonal cycles and lunar rhythms to spiral upwards as a Great Goddess that you are! Do you feel your own body, your blood, your breath, dancing to Her eternal song? Daughters of the Moon, Mothers of the Earth, Witches of the Wheel, Sisters of the Cycle. Together we gather in temple, In sisterhood, ceremony and song. We remember We attune We embody We cycle… If you're done struggling through yet another day filled with exhaustion, stress & anxiety while staring at your mile-long to-do list, then I invite you to embrace cyclical living. This is the ultimate time to transform the way you live your life, build your business or birth anything new into this world!! Sacred Spiral is your map to inner strength, and creative fertility, by honoring your inner authority, natural pace and divine timing!! This is a sacred container to honor the connected cycles of the moon & cosmic forces And here is the journey we will take together: Access to 11 modules plus receive my "Moon & your Womb " mini training as a bonus! Maiden , Mother & Crone Accessing the Wisdom of the Womb Sensuality, Sexuality & Power Awareness & Conciousness Energetic Blueprint embodiment Understanding your Human design Honoring your moon cycle Spiritual self vs Human Self Kronos & Kairos Time, Consistent Energy Habits Let's get Cyclical Sister!!

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Divine Feminine


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