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The Moon & Your Womb


our womb carries tremendous wisdom if we choose to tap into it. In some cultures, the female menstrual cycle was welcomed as a blessing and celebrated as a great gift of fertility and femininity. Our ancestors honoured menstruation by sitting together in a circle, reconnecting to the Sacred through prayer, meditation and communion. As women, we are biologically connected to the cycles and rhythms of the moon. Many women even refer to their menstruation as their ‘moon -time’. The words ‘menses’, ‘moon’ and ‘month’ all come from the same root word meaning to measure. For centuries, humans measured time by the light of the moon. Each lunar cycle is 29.5 days – roughly the average length of our female cycle. When we connect to our cyclical nature, we are able to better understand our natural fluctuations – physically, mentally, and emotionally. This rhythmic blueprint is the source of all creation and a doorway to healing, transformation and growth. ​ Within our time together we are going to be diving into: ▽ The Ancient Herstory of the Menstrual Cycle ▽ Why so many Wombyn have lost touch with this vital aspect of themselves? ▽ Reconnection activation & Womb Clearing ▽ The Wombs primordial connection to the cycles of the moon. ▽ How to use these potent Sacred Feminine Archetypes to understand, heal & accept all aspects of yourself.

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