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Individuation refers to a process whereby the many different aspects of your life – your dreams, your relationships, your health, your finances, your spirituality – are brought together into an integrated harmony. In an individuated being, many emotional states are naturally processed and transmuted internally, causing far less friction, confusion, or energy loss in the environment. This also brings far more ease and simplicity into all your relationships. The more individuated you become, the more energy efficient you become. During our 14 days together we will : - Anchor in your core beliefs - Create daily ritual to support in Soulfilled alignment - Clear out the conditioning & limiting beliefs that have created uncertainty in your actions & vision - Liberate a flow of prosperity & abundance into your life consistently - Hone in your ability to master emotional intelligence - Unify the connection of mind, body, heart & spirit - Heighten your state of intuition, and deep your connection to your true essence - Welcome in a state of balance & in harmony in all states of our being I invite you to join me on this journey to create harmony in your inner and outer worlds while deepening your relationship with yourself!

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