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You're an intuitive, kind hearted woman with a deep knowing that you're here for a big purpose. 


You hold spiritual and intuitive gifts inside of you, that when shared at their fullest potential, will contribute to the massive awakening that is happening on this planet. 


You came here already encoded with the unique wisdom, gifts and the blueprint to fulfil your purpose,


and in your clearest moments you feel the REALNESS and BIGNESS of what you're here to do. 


UnBound is a safe and transformational journey where you will alchemise the deep energetic wounds of persecution, suppression and trauma around the divine feminine consciousness.
(Including, but not limited to, the witch hunt era).


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Are you ready to dive deeper into these parts of yourself than ever before and be an active participant in creating the new paradigm?

Are you ready to activate the dormant magic that lies within your DNA , waiting to awaken and expand to your fullest potential?

As you begin to UnBOUND from the constraints and conforms of social society, and the patriarchy,

YOU will  activate:  


A  deep confidence and belief in yourself and the work you're here to do.


A  new level of alignment to your soul work and soul purpose. 


A  deep sense of safety while you expand your presence as a leader in your field and experience profound growth in your work.


An unshakable trust in yourself, your intuition and the higher guidance that's coming through you. 


An ability to be seen and share your work wider, while feeling integrated and sustained in your body and energy field.


UnBound is a 5 Day Intensive

May 14-May 18th 2022

For the Woman who desires to 

Unbinding herself from ALL THINGS that keep her small, quiet and humble.

The fear of not belonging or being judged is the most primal fear because it’s rooted in survival.

BTW, the witch wound isn’t about being a witch.
It’s about being a woman.

It’s the fear that your wisdom, expertise, knowledge, truth is somehow threatening, dangerous or will not be accepted.

During our time together we will :


  • We explore what the witch wound is, its wild history and how that weaves into all aspects of our lives, even down to beauty standards. And deeper, how we feel and live in our bodies.   

  • How we can reconnect with our magic, clearing shame and judgement so we can step into our innate feminine energy and access abundance.  

  • The incredible etymology of the word, witch, and how that has led us to fear, self-doubt, judgement and discarding our feminine intuition. 


  • The "good girl" archetype and the fear that if we express who are then we won't belong and how we can let those old patterns go and step into our power. 

  • How we can tap into our ancestral memories and facilitate ancestral healing through an entire lineage. 


  • How the polarization of the world is making it more important than ever to tap into our feminine intuition, to determine what we stand for, to stand in our sovereignty. It's deep healing and purging of old spells on a collective level. 

I invite you to join the journey that takes you through the remebrance of your ancestral magik

It leads you into the darkness, but emerges into the light

Not to slow you down yet to allow you to become fully



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