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Womb Initiation & Activation

Rediscover and Activate the Universal magic within you

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 333 U.S. dollars
  • Zoom

Service Description

It is through the womb that you were birthed into this world. This magical place within you is a space for creation and birth in every sense, whether you are birthing new life, creative projects or ideas into reality. The womb is the source of your infinite power and creative energy. Through consciously connecting to your womb you can activate your intuition, gifts, purpose, joy, sensuality and truth. However, the womb can also hold trauma, pain and suppressed emotions and it can become a heavy space within us when we allow these energetic blocks to build up. Over time the energy in our womb can become stagnant which can then manifest in the physical body as an ailment, pain or imbalance. It is my mission to bring the incredible power and divine consciousness of the womb to light as this powerful place within us has been suppressed for too long. It is time to remember our truth. For the womb holds the key to reawaken us to our deep feminine power and bring us home to ourselves. Each session is your own healing ceremony devoted to you and your sacred womb space. It is guided intuitively depending on your needs but the focus is always on bringing awareness and connection to your womb and supporting you to connect with your divine feminine essence. You will be held in a nurturing and compassionate space so you can truly surrender into the experience. I will guide you through a gentle yet powerful healing journey through ritual, energy work, sound, womb blessing, meditation and channeled light language transmissions. I will call upon spirit to assist in the healing process and open myself up as a channel for healing energies to flow to ignite clearing and activation. Most importantly the intention is to allow you to connect with the voice of your womb. I have supported many women in reconnecting to the sacred temple of their womb space and igniting deep shifts in the emotional and physical. Activating the creative vortex within, to become the Creatress of their divine destiny, connecting back into a life and path of PASSION, PURPOSE, SOULFILLMENT, HEALTH, WEALTH, LOVE & ABUNDANCE. ▽ If you do not have a physical womb, you can still connect to the spiritual womb in the same way and this can be an intention in itself 90 MINUTE 1:1 SESSION WITH 48HR FOLLOW-UP VOXER SUPPORT FOR CONTINUED INTEGRATION

Cancellation Policy

24hrs notice required for cancellations. Due to the nature of the services no refunds.

Contact Details

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