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It's Time to Unleash The power of your Womb

Now Enrolling for Sept 2023

Beautiful Womban!

You desire to be fulfilled, whole, and orgasmic.
Your Soul calls you to live joyfully and powerfully led by your Desire.

I hear you, I know these whispers...

You  know you are meant for a greater purpose.
Yet this yearning in your heart and womb goes unanswered.
Your desires are drowned out by a chorus of voices saying:

Meet my needs!
Don’t be so selfish!

Just be grateful for what you have.
Don't be so greedy!

Who do you think you are?

And your own voice chimes in:

I am unworthy.
I am not enough.

There must be something wrong with me.

Sister I know that you too, 
 feel the ache in your Soul that is the Divine Feminine longing for YOU.

You are ready to step through the confusion to the clarity on the other side.
You are ready to live your dreams as a centered, grounded, whole woman.
You are ready to liberate your erotic wild feminine self.

You are ready for the Journey between the life you have now, and the life that is calling you.


I am here for you, my Sister.

Now is the time for you to live in your power and awaken the joy, desire, and passion that is your birthright.

I too use to let my fears & emotions become my truth, 
I disconnected from my sexuality, from my sensuality,
I had a toxic relationship with my body, with my p*ssy

Disconnecting more and more from my sovereignty, from my womb. 
I might have looked like a woman, but I didn't FEEL like a woman

Until one day when my womb cried out in agony


Tears flooded my eyes 
Tension released throughout my body
My mind was quiet
My heart expanded

As I felt the heat of my inner flame rise up and ignite my womb space once again, 
Illuminating the keys to the magic, power and potency I had locked away for so many years. 


It's Time to Give your feminine self room to breathe, flourish, and know her genius, so you can ~

  • Live an abundant, joyful, meaningful life centered and grounded in your feminine power.

  • Express your sexuality with freedom, wholeness, and sacredness.

  • Expand your enjoyment of erotic pleasure in your own body.

  • Attract and nurture relationships grounded in mutual respect, love, growth, and well-being.

  • Fulfill your sacred purpose using all your gifts and talents - with the ease and pleasure that is the Divine Feminine Way.

Your sexual energy is your Divine Feminine Power Source.

Once you possess the ancient knowledge about your Divine Feminine Sexuality, you are ready to learn about the

Power of your Womb

Your Womb is a Portal from the Cosmos to Earth.

You know that the womb carries children from conception to birth.

Your womb also carries your creative ideas and visions from Source to manifestation.

Your womb carries ancestral traumas and wounds that are not even yours.

Your womb carries the pain and trauma of all your lovers.

Your womb carries healing energy that you can use to heal your body and mind.

Your womb is an Oracle that reveals divine guidance and truth.

Your womb is connected to the Earth which nourishes you and keeps you safe.

Your womb is your Sacred Temple, keeper of the erotic flame of life force energy.

This is the magic that our ancient grandmothers knew and passed down.

And somewhere along the way, we forgot. (Yes, Patriarchy made us forget.)


remember how to access the magic, medicine, and power of your womb, and use this energy for healing, for loving, for creating, for living your purpose.

  • Initiation in the Sacred Womban takes you into the Darkness because that is where the GOLD is.

  • Initiation integrates the Darkness into your Light.

  • This is the true work of Initiation.

  • Life Has Cracked You Open and Taken You Down into the Underworld.

  • Initiation takes you deep and brings you back — to your birthright, your Divine Feminine Power.

  • You’ll have clarity and guidance from your Womb Oracle.

  • You’ll feel more sexual pleasure — and other kinds of pleasure too.

  • You’ll learn how to clear your energy field of other people’s stuff — old ancestors and old lovers.

  • You’ll feel grounded and centered amid all the crazy life throws at you — and if you get knocked off center, you’ll know how to get back fast.

  • You will become very good at setting your BOUNDARIES!

  • You’ll manifest your desires faster and with more precision, because you’ll know what you desire with more clarity.


The Sacred Womban Sistermind



The initiation sequence includes:

A  3 month high caliber container providing wisdom teachings, rituals, skills, and mentoring designed to lead you back into the power of your womb!


Weekly virtual meetings via Zoom for close proximity mentoring and connection

Private Voxer group to build sisterhood, and continued support between group calls

Monthly Group Womb Healing & Activation Sessions plus Specialized Training 

 ~ All sessions are recorded for you and you will receive exercises and practices to support with integration into your daily life! ~

To ensure you are fully supported on this journey you will also get these additional bonuses...

The Moon & Your Womb.png
Womb Initiation.png

$1497 Pay in Full
$555 x 3 monthly Payments


In the Womb Wisdom Initiation you will~

  • Discover how your sexual body works in the physical, energetic, and spiritual levels.

  • Love and appreciate your body – heal the shame that keeps you small and hidden.

  • Find your divine design for pleasure – Sacred Pleasure Mapping.

  • Honor the power of your moon blood and woman’s cycle.

  • Learn how to replenish your energy with pleasure, so you can give from your overflow.

  • Discover the Truth that your sexuality is for YOU.


Sacred Womban sistermind will support you to
Walk in your life as a sovereign woman.

Speak your truth with bone-deep confidence.

Maintain rock-solid and healthy boundaries.

Discover the pleasure of your sexuality as a sacred replenishing energy for yourself.

Activate the deeper levels of intuition and divine guidance.
Heal the legacy of abuse and oppression of women in your line, and receive their wisdom.

Understand beyond a shadow of doubt that YOU ARE NOT BROKEN.

Bring you the peace of the power of the goddess within you.

Are you a whole-hearted YES to reclaiming yourself as a Sacred Womban?

Are you committed to the transformation of your wounds into power?

Are you ready to do the work?

  • 3 Months of Mentorship 

  • Monthly Womb Healings 

  • Personalized Rituals

  • Weekly Connection Calls 

  • Group Integration Sessions 

  • Private Womb Session 

  • Daily conversations in Voxer

  • Supplemental Trainings

  • Lifetime Access Program


$1497 Pay in Full
$555 x 3 monthly Payments

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