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🌹Dear Womban 🌹

You matter more than you think.
You are a very important element in the creation of the new earth and a higher consciousness.

Pay in Full $333

Monthly payment  X 2 $188

Program opens 02/07/2023

A  journey for the Women who long for an immersion in feminine spirituality  through immersion into the body as a sacred place; the encounter between deep sensory and emotional experiences and the deep silence of light and darkness.

The life-giving place where pure being and the pulse of life make love together.

Sacred Vessel


In the initiation of Sacred Body Awakening, we come into direct contact with the wisdom of our bodies activating the divine codes embedded within us. Through this practice we transmute emotional and energetic blocks, deep seated judgements, comparison and competition, etc, and soften into love, joy and bliss. The sacred touches, combined with intention and presence, open the body for new depths, igniting our divinity and beauty.


Through our time together in sacred vessel
you will have the opportunity to:

Open to and remember Sacred temple codes stored deep within your body.

☥ Resolve blockages in the body caused by sexual trauma and repressed memories.

Opening for a greater experience of affiliation, healing, trust, love and opening between women to women relationship.

☥ Learn to trust and be free in your sexuality in alignment with your heart and soul.

  Meditative immersion into the divine feminine

  Introduction to Sacred Womb Awakening

Opening your vulnerability by giving, opening and let go.

☥ Break free from shame, guilt and taboo.

Get a deeper connection to your Shakti-Kundalini energy your creative life force.

☥ Open and discover new aspects of yourself, feel more self-confident and authentic.

Open up for radiance, beauty and a deeper sense of self-love and self-acceptance

☥ Deeper connection with your true potential and purpose.

Experience deeper connections with your Inner Goddess


Program Details: 

4 weeks together

6 calls - Tuesdays (weekly) & Saturdays ( bi-weekly)

Wrap up Q&A  session

private group

lifetime access

pay in Full Price $333

Monthly Payments x2 $188

Program opens 02/07/2023

VIP Optional Upgrade Additonal $555

1- 75min 1:1 Call plus 7 days voxer support


All calls will be live and interactive through zoom and each will be recorded and housed in a private Facebook group for continued learning


In a circle of women, through a sensual, soft and loving touch you will be taken through a deep journey in an atmosphere of safety, trust and respect. We open up for letting go of masks, false identities, trauma, shame and guilt. The slow touch and presence reunite us with our true essence, our innocence and pure self.

This work is open for all women independent of sexual orientation, age, religion or spiritual background. You will be in a safe environment where you will be honoured and carefully held through the whole process.

Due to topic sensitivity minimum age for this program is 19 years old


Pay in Full price $333
Monthly Payaments X 2 $188

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