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Make the impact. Attract the clients. Create the freedom.

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Enrolling feb 20th 2024


The Sacred Fusion Mastermind Gives You the Masculine Systems & Structures + the Feminine Intuition and Flow You Need to Build a Strong Business That Also Feels Sexy and Liberated!

I bet you can picture this clearly. 

You finally got into an abundant space, truly channeling that business goal... only to realize halfway through the month that you're falling short. Doubt creeps in, so you immediately go into the masculine mode of trying to push sales, have a million conversations, and sell from a place of scarcity. All this, so you can get close enough to that goal that you don't feel bad about yourself.

You have all the ideas and have created a base in your business, but doesn't feel like enough. You are constantly feeling like you need to chase more revenue to feel wealthy, but that feeling of wealth never comes. 

I'm here to tell you: this isn't how your business (or your life) has to look.

If you're ready to expand to the next level, learn how to balance & play with masculine & feminine energy in your business, get completely outside your comfort zone, and transform your business from top to bottom... you're in the right place.

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$1888 Pay in Full
$250x 4 monthly Payments



  • Having the support to implement the necessary masculine structure in your business that allows you to spend more time in the feminine energies of creativity, flow, freedom, & exploration

  • Making more money than you've ever made before, all while staying in a place of true alignment, instead of slowly dipping into doubt as you watch that revenue goal slip away

  • Feeling genuinely protected, safe, and supported by money...and see the proof in your bank account, realizing there's always extra at the end of the month.

  • Watching your minimum monthly revenue increase & take the pressure off of you to constantly "perform".

  • Imagine making the switch from "the harder I work, the more money I make" to "the more powerful I feel, the more money I make".

  • Feeling confident enough to ask for what the f*ck you want, and time and time again, receiving it fully.

  • Breaking through your current level of wealth and arriving at an expansive new level.

The Sacred Fusion Mastermind is a unique program that focuses on empowering you to integrate both masculine systems and feminine intuition into your business. It's about creating a space where you can tap into your creative impulses, embrace openness to receive, and establish the safety and security of structured processes that allow for streamlined, repeatable actions.

Unleash Your Divine Genius

In this mastermind, you'll embark on a journey to fully embody your energy and medicine as the divine genius that you are. By embracing the fusion of masculine and feminine energies, you'll not only build a strong and sustainable business but also infuse it with an irresistible allure that feels sexy and chic.

What You'll Gain: 

By joining the Sacred Fusion Mastermind, you'll:

  • Balance Masculine Systems & Feminine Intuition: Learn how to integrate the power of masculine systems and structures with the intuitive flow of feminine energy, creating a synergistic approach to business.


  • Elevate Your Business: Decolonize the backend of your business and revitalize it with a holistic approach that nurtures both its strength and allure.


  • Streamline and Repeat: Discover how to establish efficient processes that allow you to streamline and repeat actions, freeing up your energy to focus on what truly matters.


  • Show Up Authentically: Embrace your divine genius and show up more authentically in your business, radiating the unique medicine that only you can offer.

Sunset Portrait

Sacred Fusion Mastermind

Let's delve deeper into the transformational aspects of the Sacred Fusion Mastermind:


Energetic Balance: In the embrace of the Sacred Fusion Mastermind, you will undergo a profound journey to discover the delicate equilibrium between masculine and feminine energies within your business. This transformative experience allows you to witness the flourishing of your business with a newfound sense of grace and power. The integration of these energies fosters an environment where your business not only survives but thrives, drawing strength from both its structured foundations and intuitive, flowing essence.


Creative Impulses: Prepare to unlock the gates to your creative reservoir within. The Sacred Fusion Mastermind invites you to tap into the wellspring of creativity that resides deep within your being. This exploration will not only set your business apart but will also redefine your approach to innovation. You will discover a well of innovative ideas, empowering you to infuse your business with a unique and magnetic energy that captivates your audience and sets you on a trajectory of continuous growth and evolution.


Openness to Receive: Embrace the art of receiving abundance in all facets of your life. The Sacred Fusion Mastermind cultivates a mindset of abundance and prosperity, not just in your business endeavors but also in your personal journey. Through guided practices and transformative experiences, you will break through barriers that hinder your capacity to receive. This newfound openness becomes a catalyst for attracting abundance, allowing your business and life to unfold in ways that resonate with your highest aspirations.

Structured Streamlining: Discover the beauty of efficiency and effectiveness in your daily operations. The Sacred Fusion Mastermind provides tools and insights to streamline your business processes with a rinse-and-repeat approach. This transformative practice not only simplifies the complexities within your operations but also enhances the overall functionality of your business. Witness the elegance of a well-structured system that aligns seamlessly with the rhythm of your entrepreneurial journey.

Divine Genius Activation: Prepare to unleash your inner divine genius. The Sacred Fusion Mastermind serves as a catalyst for activating and channeling your unique medicine and energy into your business. This transformational process allows you to tap into your innate gifts and strengths, infusing your offerings with authenticity and resonance. As your divine genius is unleashed, you'll find that your business becomes a true expression of your essence, magnetically drawing those who resonate with your unique contributions.

Safety and Security: Experience the profound sense of safety and security that comes from well-crafted systems. The Sacred Fusion Mastermind is committed to providing a foundation for your entrepreneurial journey that is solid and reliable. Through guidance and support, you will build structures that not only protect your business but also create a space for sustainable growth. This transformative journey ensures that you navigate the entrepreneurial landscape with confidence and assurance.


The Sacred Fusion Mastermind offers a comprehensive and transformative experience, guiding visionary women like you to harmonize the energetic polarities within your business and step into a realm of empowered and balanced entrepreneurship.

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Weekly virtual meetings for 3 months via Zoom for close proximity mentoring and connection

Private Voxer group for continued support, mentoring & celebrations

Monthly Group Womb Healing & Activation Sessions

$1888 Pay in Full
$250 x 4 monthly Payments

"How do I know if this is right for me?"


 If you are scrolling through this sales page looking for the answer of whether or not this is the right mastermind for you...hear me out: 

Ask yourself instead, "who is the woman I need to become in order to get to the next level?" 

Then ask yourself, "what decisions do I need to make to become her?"

I know what it feels like to feel stuck, burned out and crave feeling creative, free & like there is always more money than you need. 

Now, instead, imagine a world of: 

  • your team running the day to day operations while you are still making your morning latte

  • applications for programs continuously rolling in & your team enrolling dream clients year round that sell out your programs

  • constantly hitting new levels of revenue without having to push the needle forward by yourself

  • Feeling freedom to take days off, change your schedule, create more and live on your own terms 

  • Looking in your bank accounts to find there is always more than enough. So much overflow that you can't imagine how you used to feel unsafe with money. 

  • Creating a business you are actually obsessed with--without it feeling like you are on a never ending hamster wheel. 

That's possible for you. And this is your invitation to join us. 


Sunset Portrait

Enrolling for Feb 20th 2024

$1888 Pay in Full
$250 x 4 monthly Payments


Melonie Kolton Inc can not and does not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with our ideas, information, tools, or strategies.

You recognize and agree that we have made no implications, warranties, promises, suggestions, projections, representations or guarantees whatsoever to you about future prospects or earnings, or that you will earn any money, with respect to your purchase of our products, and that we have not authorized any such projection, promise, or representation by others. There are no guarantees of results or future earnings. 

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