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Unlock the secrets of your inner divine feminine with our Womb Goddess Bundle!


This beautiful bundle consists of two workbooks and one guided meditation to support the activation of connection between your divine feminine self and your human body. An invitation for self led discovery of the magical womb portal that resides within you and bridges you to the infinite wisdom of the Universe awaits.


Unlock the power of your feminine energy and manifest the life of your dreams.


The Womb Initiation Workbook features:

1️⃣ 17 pages of transformative content, meticulously crafted to support your personal growth.

2️⃣ Guided exercises to help you reconnect with your body and tap into your intuition.

3️⃣ Techniques to identify and release emotional blocks and traumas that have been holding you back.

4️⃣ Empowering affirmations to affirm your worth, strength, and resilience.

5️⃣ Powerful journaling prompts to encourage self-reflection and ignite your creativity.


Menstrual Cycle Archetypes Workbook: 

Through beautifully illustrated exercises, insightful prompts, and practical tools, this workbook will guide you on a transformative journey through the depths of your cycle:

1️⃣ Menstruation: Dive into the sacred stillness of your bleed, learning to honor rest, reflection, and self-care. Discover how to release and renew, nurturing your body and spirit during this deeply intuitive phase.

2️⃣ Follicular: Awaken your inner creativity and fresh energy as you step into the follicular phase. Unleash your dreams, set intentions, and plant the seeds of your desires. Embrace your newfound vitality and welcome the exciting possibilities that lie ahead.

3️⃣ Ovulation: Ignite the fire within as you enter the ovulation phase. Embrace your sensuality, tap into your magnetic energy, and explore your fertile potential. Harness the power of manifesting and strengthen your relationships during this radiant phase.

4️⃣ Luteal: Nurture your inner wisdom and find balance during the luteal phase. Embrace self-care practices, delve into introspection, and embrace the transformative power of surrender. Discover how to harness your inner strength and gracefully transition towards the next cycle.


Anchor it all in with: 


🌟 Experience the Gifts of the Goddess! 🌟


Are you ready to tap into the divine wisdom and embrace the radiance of the goddess within? Introducing our extraordinary guided activation recording, "Gifts of the Goddess." In just 30 minutes, embark on a transformative journey that will awaken your inner power, ignite your intuition, and unleash your true potential.

Womb Goddess Bundle

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