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Mindfulness matters

How are you coping during these troubling times?

I have been putting off addressing what is going on in the world, as I've been struggling to find the words to say.

Last night my purpose at this time, became clear. I am going to start by saying I am not downplaying the severity of the situation, but believe we are not meant to let it consume us.

Maybe I am naive but I believe, there is a great lesson being taught here, one that will bring great change and awakening to humanity. I continue to live in trust and shun fear.

Even at the most trying of ties, balance can be found!!

I am mindful of my thoughts , I am aware that the energy I am putting out is what I will receive in return, I am aware that what I focus my energy and attention on will grow and strengthen.

I am focusing on the positives, that I get to spend more time at home with my family, that I can continue my business online, that I am healthy, that as a lightworker I can be in a place of service and send love and healing where needed, that mother earth is healing , that others are now coming into consciousness and being responsible for themselves.

I am using this time to dive deeper into things that bring me peace, calm, clarity.. my spiritual studies, meditation and breathwork.

I am staying away from social media, the news, and TV, things I know would bring forth worry and stress.

We need to remember that we are all in this together, and as a collective we can make a difference. Maybe not with the virus itself, but with the energy as a whole.

To that end, looking out for your neighbors, family, friends and coworkers can provide some relief. “When we’re supporting others it gives us a sense of purpose.”

Tips during this time:

Control what you can- Be mindful of your thoughts and energies

Help others- Don't be selfish with food and supplies, hold space, send healing

Stay in the present- don't get caught up it the what ifs, remember the energy you put out with your thoughts is what the universe will create.

Smile & Laugh- Great for mental health, and laughter helps boost the immune system.

Get Outside- being physical boosts serotonin levels and helps build the immune system.

Meditate- Clear your mind and recenter your energy

Cut cords- Especially if your an Empath, detach from others fears, emotions and energies.

Yes, fear is a reasonable response to the constant stream of negative news we are being exposed to via the media and our social networks. However, in a bitter irony, the stress that is associated with fear can impair our immune functioning and well-being and hence make us more susceptible to illness (the very thing that is causing people to stockpile toilet paper).

Research tells us that positivity practices can positively impact our emotional wellbeing and immune functioning and hence, heightening our ability to fight and avoid certain illnesses. While many people say that they struggle with it, a brief meditation is a great tool to focus on what is affecting you in the present moment and settle. Other mindfulness techniques like abdominal breathing and progressive muscle relaxation are fantastic ways to relieve sizzling stress.

Other simple practices could include practicing gratitude for our lives by simply counting or writing down three blessings at the end of each day. Rather than operating from a self-orientated mindset of scarcity by stockpiling toilet paper, try practicing a random act of kindness to surprise a colleague. Why not beat them to purchasing their morning coffee?

There is no denying that the world is definitely spinning, but that doesn’t mean your wellbeing has to sling out of control. When we face significant challenges, it's vital that we cultivate a calm, compassionate and hopeful mindset so we can remain rational and focused.

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