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Finding Yourself in the Chaos

How have you been feeling? Have you answered the calling to spend time within yourself , retreating from the fear and chaos in the world?

You are not alone in this, and for many it's foreign territory that can feel wildly peaceful yet uncomfortable all at the same time. The harnessing of our power within, and re-connection to our higher selves is such an important part of a solid foundation for Spiritual Awakening. So don't shy away, instead lean in!

What does it mean to go with in?

Its about focusing your awareness on yourself.

It’s your ability to notice your feelings, your physical sensations, your reactions, your habits, your behaviors, and your thoughts.

Meaning being aware of all those different aspects of yourself as if you were another person observing you.

Another way to think of it is paying attention to your intuition, also known as your 6th sense or your gut feeling.

This is also known as self-awareness. Self-awareness is about focusing on the reality of your behavior and not on the story you tell yourself about yourself.

It means to stop and think, and evaluate what you actually want in life.

What do you want to accomplish?

What you regret not doing in the past and your unrealized goals.

From the moment we were born, we were all so busy,

learning to walk,

learning to talk,

growing up,

going to school,

passing tests and exams,

reaching puberty,

having our first crush,

getting our degree,

finding our dream job.

The list goes on.

In the midst of all these mayhem,how many of us actually stop in our tracks,and ask ourselves:

“Hey, what do I actually want to do with my life?“

Look inside yourself -be brutally honest with yourself .


So how can you embrace this time we have been gifted and really connect with your purpose and passion?

1. Learn to cultivate your inner-listening

In our modern World, taking time to sit still and in silence can be a very challenging practice. With phones & screens around every corner, it’s much easier for us to spend time on the internet rather than listening inward.

Most people have a hard time distinguishing their mind’s thoughts from the voice of their Higher-Self, and with practice this will become clear. As you start to explore your inner space it’s likely your ego will experience immense boredom. However, if you continue to sit still and see it through, you will make it through to a plane of alignment & stillness where higher-wisdom, thoughts and intuitive guidance comes through.

It’s here that the voice of your Higher-Self can be found.

2. Feel its presence over your shoulders

In many spiritual depictions of the ages, they show the Higher-Self as existing over your shoulders, displayed as your bridge to the cosmic wisdom above you.

Your Higher-Self can often be felt as the pillar of light surrounding your body, extending upwards into the heavens. By tuning into that pillar, and starting to interface with it consciously, you can directly communicate with it.

I like to say your Higher-Self is like the director behind the curtains. Our personalities are constantly on stage during life, and our Higher-Self is directing, watching & supporting the refinement of our souls and the lessons we are here to experience.

Many people who experience channeling, are basically stepping out of themselves a bit and allowing this pillar to come forward, put another way, they go backstage while their Higher-Self takes center stage. It’s that simple…

3. Meditate at the same time each day

Meditating at the same time each day is one of the most effective and powerful spiritual practices that exist. Often, our Higher-Self is trying to reach us, to provide us reflection, integration and wisdom on our life’s experiences.

Think of it like this. Our Higher-Self is trying to send us a package, and if we aren’t home to pick-up the mail and receive it, we’ll never get it. Because we have Free Will, when we constantly move about our busy lives, we can easily be moving about so much and so quickly that we are never present enough to relax into connecting with our Higher-Selves.

By cultivating the discipline of meditating at the same time each day, we guarantee our presence and availability for this connection to show-up, and it will. Make sure you’re home so you don’t miss the precious deliveries from Spirit.

4. Utilize muscle testing

Muscle testing can be used to help you confirm your guidance when directly communicating with your Higher-Self. It can also be used to help you determine what is true, what is right for you and support you in making decisions.

Muscle testing works by choosing a body trigger that allows you to register a “Yes” or a “No.” My favorite is self-muscle testing, where you interlock your fingers. You pose a question in your inner-space and then try to pull them apart. If they hold strong, it’s a “Yes!” If they easily can be pulled apart it’s a “No.”

With practice, this can allow you to let the communication of your Higher-Self bypass the mental chatter and become a physical body like experience. I’ve known friends that have manifested tons of success, beautiful mansions and traveled the World just from simply using this technique and trusting it.

5. Make relaxation your mission

The importance of relaxation cannot be emphasized enough. Most people are not truly living relaxed lives. We are holding immense levels of tension, stress, worry, fear and paranoia.

If you carry all this tense energy into trying to communicate with your Higher-Self, it will drive you crazy. You will be racing around looking for signs and symbols, anything to tell you that everything is okay.

You have to start by having faith and trust that everything is alright and okay, and then relaxing into that deeper than ever before in every area of your life. When you show up to your Higher-Self relaxed, having a conversation with it is as simple as talking to a friend.

Make relaxation in all areas of life your mission. This means even being relaxed while being extremely active, yes, there too.

6. Pay Attention To Your Needs (And Meet Them)

Do you ignore what you need, dismiss that niggling feeling in your belly, or sideline your dreams? Instead, begin paying attention to what you want and need in every moment. Check in with yourself regularly and ask “How am I feeling?” or “What do I need right now?” or “What do I really want?”. Find out what it is and then love yourself enough to give it to yourself.

7. Use Your Breath To Draw You Inwards

Your breath can help anchor you into your body and draw you deeper into yourself. You can do this anywhere, anytime. Just bring your awareness to your breath and follow it with your attention. Feel it moving into your nose and follow your inhale, all the way down to your belly. And then follow it all the way up and out. Take 5 minutes to practise this as often as you can.

8) Get Intimate

There is nothing more intimate than staring deeply into someone’s eyes. It creates connection, closeness and deepens your bond, and the same applies when you practise it with yourself. To do this, sit close in front of a mirror and look deeply into your own eyes. Choose one eye to focus on and hold your gaze for at least 5 minutes, or even more. Be fully present with yourself, feel a sense of love for yourself and allow yourself to drop into deeper self-connection.

9) Tap Into Your Heart Energy

Your head will always try pull you out of yourself and distract you with endless thoughts. But your heart will lovingly draw you inwards. To connect with your heart space, put your hands over your heart and take 5 deep breaths into your heart and ask yourself “What guidance do you have for me today?”. Then, close your eyes and listen.

10) Explore Your Spirituality

Open up to the idea that you are simply a spiritual being having a temporary human experience and dive deeper into this part of yourself. Begin learning about this part of you with books that open your mind and draw you closer to your soul. My favourite spiritual authors are Rebecca Campbell, Gabrielle Bernstein, Wayne Dyer, Sonia Choquette, Eckhart Tolle , Abraham-Hicks, and Sanaya Roman.

Making a connection

As you start to communicate with your Higher-Self, you’ll notice it can move out of your meditation practice and into a continuous guiding force in your daily life. I am constantly cultivating my relationship with my Higher-Self, and it now feels ever present and integrated in every moment of my life.

Live a relaxed, exciting and connect life, in rhythm with the moon and your True Nature, and you will see yourself more and more become an embodied representation of your Higher-Self. This means always seeing the bigger picture, not letting the drama of life overly effective you, and always having higher-wisdom available in any situation.

When we each live our lives dedicated to a place of connection to our Higher-Selves, our actions change and the things we do come from a higher-place, one that benefits all beings. In this we can create a New Earth, with guided insight one step at a time.

We are being gifted this time, so do the work. When things settle down and we can get back into a routine once again, we will be more conscious and aware of our choices, which will result in a new way of life. One filled with global awareness, connection , understanding and love.

Sounds a little like Heaven on Earth <3

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