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Clean the Clutter to Find Clarity- Creating Calm in Chaos

I would be lying if I said, all has remained centered and calm in my household despite what is going on in the World.

The other night as I was getting ready for bed, as always I stop in my son's room to say good night, and find him with tears rolling down his face. I ask him what's wrong, and like a normal 16 yr old he replies" nothing". So I ask him again, saying you don't get upset over nothing, this time he told me he just feels weird, something is different.

So much comes flooding in, did he have a fight with his friends, did he get into trouble with something, is he just activated, because it is a full moon after all!

I try to get him talking but he's just not having it, when I try to talk to him, his body begins to shake. As some one who had severe anxiety in the past I realize he is having a panic attack.

He has no idea what brought it on, eventually describing it as a sudden burst of energy, with the inability to sit down or focus.

My son is one who tends to shy away from my spiritual practices and routines, often referring to them as witchy, and weird! LOL

This night he went along with it, as I led him through some breathing & grounding exercises, tapping and meditation, all while burning palo santo to cleanse his physical being and space.

He followed up with a hot shower and 10 hours of sleep.

As I climbed into my own bed, I came to the knowing of exactly what it was that sparked this attack, and while it's not Spiritual per se , the lack of connection with one's self very much leaves an opening to be triggered.

When we are overwhelmed physically, mentally or emotionally, we create instability in our energy fields. That sense of overwhelm can be triggered that much more with the lack of control over what is happening in the world, the force of isolation and lack of social integration.

In my son's case, it was being stuck at home, over stimulation from video games, being online, staying up late and not eating properly over the last 4 weeks.

I connect to this myself though in a totally different way but end results are still very similar with over stimulated, disconnected and triggered.

I have spend the last 2 days clearing the clutter for my space, again physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, and boy do I feel amazing!

The physical space was the easiest and least time consuming of them all, as it's something I like to stay on top of anyways ( well minus folding the laundry!)

I like to use a mixture of palo santo and florida water to cleanse and re balance my space. The smell deeply resonates with my soul, bring an instant feeling of grounding and calm!

I then moved on to the cyber world space, unfriending over 700 people on Facebook, unliking pages that weren't of use to be and just filling up my feed, leaving groups that didn't invoke deep connection or weren't in alignment. If you haven't done a social media clean up, I highly recommend it!! My feed is lighter, more positive and the engagement and interaction with others is now much more easily accessible!

Next I moved onto my emails, haha now this one was a lot more time consuming, how many freebie classes and downloads are hidden in the - I'll get to it one day - folder in your inbox?

I made it through though, and not with a simple delete all either, I took the time to go through it and keep things that will help within myself or within my business. I also unsubscribed from those I had a feeling of disconnect with. Again feeling a weight leave from my space as I emptied the trash can.

Energetic cords can come from all types of places, even allowing unaligned messages into your mailbox. For me it's all the coaches that push sales promising 5 figure and 6 figure months. My work and purpose is so much more than dollar signs, yet I still allowed that disconnected energy into my space. Just because we don't engage doesn't mean we won't be affected , simply being in the presence or inviting it into your space can have impact on your energy field.

It was also time for me to confront some emotions and feelings that I had been avoiding around being triggered by others reactions to the pandemic. I know not very spiritual of me, but hey I'm human. While I understand that chaos can create uncertainty in the most grounded person, I just wasn't ready or willing to be that voice of reason over and over for people that I believed to be falling into victim mentality or stepping into an entitlement persona, so instead I just ignored the calls and texts, but I was triggered and I needed to own that.

So out came the journal and the marathon writing ensued, all the feelings, emotions and thoughts flowed on to the paper, freeing my mind, my soul and future time from being harbored by my own disconnect.

I feel so much clearer in my thoughts, feelings and who I am. I have released the need to show up for others like it is a sense of duty and something that I must do.

I am owning my truth, my boundaries, and feelings by doing what is in alignment with myself, and going to continue to help me expand and grow along this wonderful life path I am on.

So what are some ways you can de-clutter your energy field


We all have that one thing (if not more) in our homes that we've been putting up with for way too long. Maybe it's that weird scrub brush your aunt gave you for the kitchen that stars at you with those weird googly eyes every time you go to wash a pan. Maybe it's a step stool that never folds back up correctly and makes you unbelievably frustrated. Or maybe it's that piece of "art" someone gave you that just isn't doing it for you.

Newsflash. This is YOUR home and unless removing said object affects the wellbeing of someone else in your home, there's no reason you need to keep it. Find a replacement, donate things that no longer bring good vibes to the space. Ugly crap in our homes drains our mental energy. You aren't shallow for wanting to see nice things when you sit down.


Someone invites us to something, asks us for a favor, or even offers to give us something and we say, "sure! no problem! I'd love to! I'll totes be there. Yeah, I can do that." Until the moment it actually hits us later that we agreed to something.

Saying "yes" right away can feel like a good friend thing to do. We're being agreeable, helpful, positive. But when we always say yes to other people without honoring our ability and straight up right to say no, we end up saying no to ourselves and other things that matter.

Or even worse, we end up flaking on a commitment later because we never fully assessed our initial yes in the first place. By taking time to assess your yes (quite possibly a future book title right there) you are able to bring forth your authentic self and only give as much energy as you have so you can conserve the energy you need to take care of yourself. Plus, saying yes to everything always can make us really resentful of others in the long term and makes it confusing for them to know where our own boundaries are. Say no more, it's good for everyone.


I'm still working on this one but it's one of my favorite ways to declutter and ease my mind. Rise and shine! Time to shine a bright light into your corneas and see what today's rants and raves are. Gross. Try mixing up your morning routine by abstaining from your phone first thing (it might just open up room to not abstain from something else.....oh, I went there).

A few things that happen when I do this:

  • Mornings become 180% less stressful (social media can really get a girl wound up, amirite?

  • I'm way less likely to be late - because nothing is distracting me

  • I read pages from real life books

  • I'm more present and mindful of the intentions I want to set for the day


if you have a list of ideas for things to do when you have some downtime, you'll avoid the overwhelm of making a decision. Because I don't know about you, but if my decision window of "what to do with my hour of free time" is longer than 45 seconds, it can often lead to feelings of guilt for not being more productive or that dumb voice that tries to talk you out of your you time.

Ditch all of that garbage and keep a fun list in your journal so you always have ideas. Need inspiration? Here are some things on my list:

  • Meditate outside

  • Write letters to friends

  • Make a crystal grid

  • Journal

  • Color

  • Draw some mandalas

  • Add to my Buddha Book

  • Map out your Month at a Glance in your planner

  • Try a new vegan recipe

  • Get the garden started

  • Get creative!


Take a suggestion from above, do a sweep and clearing of your social media, go through your emails, delete old contacts from your phone.


Remember you owe no one an explanation for your choices, the only person you ever need to answer to is you!

Get the lower energy brought about from outside sources out, stop giving it space in your precious soul.

Take this time to write up your boundaries, dive into why you feel so obligated to let people drag you down or why you must always say "yes"

If you feel called to clear the clutter , and invite more calm into your space and need further help, reach out.

Reach out to a friend, nothing gets us motivated like accountability, and support.

If your really ready to dive deep and remove limiting beliefs and thoughts that are deeply ingrained within you, I have spots available for 1 on one sessions to get you jump started with a clear plan of action and understanding.

Be patient with yourself. I know that's a tall order but you gotta remember that this stuff didn't appear out of thin air and has probably been there for a while. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. How do you de-clutter your house? Twenty minutes at a time. Be patient, be kind and use your timer!

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