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Calling my fellow Lightworkers

The Covid crisis has taught us so much about our relationship to ourselves, others, and our planet. The biggest lesson I've learned is that we need a fundamental change in how we live, love, and relate to the world. We must change, and we must change now if we are to find harmony, happiness, health, and everything we hold dear... And people are struggling with that change. Those without a strong spiritual connection (could you imagine not having yours in a time like this?!) are fighting in throes of panic and fear because they don't have the inner resources to cope with these shifts. They need help making this transition, and the status quo systems of the past that used to support aren't cutting it. We can make this shift in pain and agony or we can make it with support, love, and joy. The choice is ours, but either way... Dress rehearsal is over. It's game time. And who's gonna fill this void? Who's gonna step in and literally stabilize the world on an emotional, mental, and spiritual level? 🌎 The answer is YOU, Light Worker. I believe this crisis is a mandate to awakened healers everywhere to step up, stop playing small, and get into ACTION. It's time to become not just light workers, but LIGHT LEADERS. We can no longer afford to sit around in self-doubt and second-guess ourselves, our abilities, and our CALLING if we are going to collectively evolve. This isn't about us: Whether or not we are good enough, smart enough, skilled enough, ready enough, talented enough, interesting enough, eloquent enough to do what you dream. "Who am I to be a coach and healer?" You ask? Who are you not to? Stop letting your ego control your mind. 🧠 You're stronger than that. "What will people think of me if I do this?" You wonder? Who cares! Stop valuing the opinions of people who don't actually care about you more than you value your own happiness and sense of purpose. 💥 You're bigger than their judgement. "But I'm not sure who I am as a coach, who I help, and how to get started?!" You say? Literally every single person you admire in business today had no clue when they got started either. 🧐 Stop falling for this...your heart already know the way. The point here is - The healers on the front lines now... They got started. And I'm asking you to do the same. I. Know You. Were. Born. For. This. And I know it because I was too. 6 years ago, I stopped letting my fear run my life. I stopped letting my limiting stories from the past dictate my future so I could give my dream a chance.

You need to do the same. Right. Now.

Not tomorrow. Not next month when "things die down." Not a year from now... when blah blah blah. Now. Because destiny never knocks when it's convenient and you feel "ready." It comes when you are scared to death. In the face of that fear some cave. But some chose to stand up, lean in, and get busy being the solution instead of just thinking and talking about it. So my question is... which one will you choose?

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