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Are you ready to embark on a transformational journey that will reconnect you with your inner strength, wisdom, and divine essence?


Welcome to the Grounded Goddess 6-Week Program, where we invite you to step into your power, embrace your true nature, and thrive in harmony with the world around you.

Pay in Full $444

Monthly payment  X 2 $222

Program opens Sept 26th, 2023

Grounding is the essential anchor that supports the activation of soul gifts and the nurturing of our divine essence, as we create safety within the body. Like roots firmly embedded in the earth, grounding connects us to the nurturing energy of Mother Earth and enables us to access our inner wisdom and spiritual potential.

As we ground ourselves, we open the gateway to the profound wellspring of our soul gifts, unlocking talents and abilities that may have remained dormant or undiscovered. This powerful connection to the earth's energy fosters a sense of safety and stability within our physical and energetic bodies, allowing us to explore and express our gifts with confidence and authenticity. Just as a tree needs strong roots to reach towards the sky, grounding empowers us to reach new heights and embrace the fullness of our being, weaving our soul's gifts into the tapestry of life's grand design.

This program is for women who are ready to embrace their inner strength, wisdom, and potential, and who desire to live in harmony with themselves and the world around them. :

Grounded Goddess


As you walk this transformative path, may you emerge like a blooming flower, radiating grace, power, and wisdom. Embrace the Grounded Goddess within you, and let your light shine brightly, illuminating the world with love, compassion, and profound transformation. Join us on this extraordinary journey, and together, let's awaken the goddess within.


Through our time together in

Grounded Goddess
you will have the opportunity to:

☥ Embrace Inner Power: Women often face societal pressures and expectations that can dampen their sense of power and self-worth. The Grounded Goddess Program empowers women to reclaim their inner strength and embrace their unique gifts and abilities.

☥ Self-Discovery and Growth: The program offers a safe and supportive space for women to explore their true selves, uncover their passions, and nurture their personal growth. It encourages them to evolve into the best version of themselves.

☥ Reconnect with Nature: Women, like all beings, have a deep connection with nature, and this program helps them rediscover that connection. By aligning with the elements and natural rhythms, women can find a sense of peace, balance, and inspiration.

☥ Foster Resilience: Life presents various challenges, and the program helps women build resilience and adaptability. By learning to navigate obstacles with grace, they can grow through adversity and emerge stronger.

  Form a Supportive Community: The Grounded Goddess Program offers a sisterhood of like-minded women who uplift and support one another. Building these connections can be empowering and nurturing.

☥  Embrace Sustainability and Environmental Stewardship: As women step into their power, they can also recognize their role in creating a sustainable and compassionate world. The program encourages eco-consciousness and positive contributions to the environment.

☥ Unlock Creative Potential: The program incorporates creative exercises that help women tap into their intuition and unleash their creative potential. This can lead to greater self-expression and a deeper understanding of themselves.

☥ Improve Mental and Emotional Well-Being: Through guided meditations and self-reflection, women can gain emotional balance and mental clarity. The program encourages mindfulness and self-awareness to enhance overall well-being.

☥ Celebrate Feminine Wisdom: The Grounded Goddess Program honors and celebrates the inherent wisdom that women possess. It encourages women to embrace their feminine qualities and intuition as sources of strength and guidance.


Program Details: 

6 weeks together

9 calls - Wednesdays (weekly) & Saturdays (bi-weekly)

Wrap up Q&A  session

private group

lifetime access

pay in Full Price $444

Monthly Payments x2 $222

Program opens September 26th, 2023

VIP Optional Upgrade Additonal $555

1- 75min 1:1 Call plus 7 days voxer support


🌱 Week 1: Rooted Foundations 🌱

As we begin this sacred journey, we lay the groundwork for your transformation. In Week 1, we delve into the power of grounding, connecting you with Mother Earth's nurturing energy. Through ancient practices and meditations, you'll learn how to cultivate strong roots, fostering resilience and stability amidst life's challenges. Just like a magnificent tree that stands tall and unwavering, you too will discover your inner strength and ability to weather any storm that comes your way.

Week 2: Embracing the Crown

In Week 2, we encourage you to unlock the potential of your consciousness and expand your awareness to higher realms of wisdom and inspiration. Through guided meditations and spiritual practices, you will open yourself up to the limitless possibilities that come with connecting to the divine. Embrace your true essence as you bask in the radiance of your own inner light, empowering yourself to tap into the vast wisdom that resides within.

🌬️🌊🔥🌍 Week 3: Balancing Elements 🌬️🌊🔥🌍

The third week of the Grounded Goddess Program explores the profound interplay of the four elements—air, water, fire, and earth—and their influence on your mind, body, and spirit. Discover how the harmony and equilibrium of these elements can restore balance within yourself and your surroundings. Embrace the dance of nature's forces, and find your own equilibrium, allowing you to navigate life with grace and poise.

🌳 Week 4: Resilience & Growth 🌳

Like the mighty trees that grow through obstacles, Week 4 is dedicated to uncovering your innate resilience and ability to overcome challenges. Through creative exercises and empowering practices, you'll learn to see setbacks as opportunities for growth and evolution. Embrace change as an essential part of your journey and witness your own capacity for growth, just like the blossoming flowers that flourish even after the harshest winters.


🍃 Week 5: Embodying Nature's Plan 🍃

Week 5 brings you a profound understanding of your vital role in the interconnected web of life. Explore the relationship between humans and the environment, and realize how your actions can positively impact the planet and its inhabitants. Embrace your responsibility as a guardian of Mother Earth and weave your intentions into the fabric of a more compassionate and sustainable world.

🌟 Week 6: Awakening the Goddess Within 🌟

In this culminating week, we integrate all that you have learned and experienced throughout the Grounded Goddess Program. Celebrate your journey of self-discovery and empowerment as you step into your power as a fully awakened goddess. Set intentions for continuing this transformation beyond the program and honor the divine essence that now radiates from within you.


🌺🌿 What to Expect 🌺🌿

✨ Guided Meditations for Grounding and Expanding Consciousness ✨

Throughout the program, you will experience transformative guided meditations that connect you with the core of your being and expand your consciousness to embrace the beauty of the universe. These meditations will help you find inner peace, clarity, and the strength to navigate life with a sense of purpose and direction.

🍃 Practical Exercises to Apply the Program's Principles in Your Daily Life 🍃

We believe that true transformation occurs when knowledge is put into action. Therefore, each week, you'll receive practical exercises and tools to incorporate the program's principles into your daily routine. These practices will empower you to embody the wisdom gained during the program and create lasting change in your life.

🌬️ Weekly Group Discussions to Share Insights and Support 🌬️

Join our inspiring community of like-minded souls on the same path of self-discovery. Engage in weekly group discussions where you can share insights, exchange experiences, and provide genuine support to one another. The collective wisdom and shared experiences will foster a sense of belonging and deepen your journey of transformation.

🌍 A  Sacred Community of Like-Minded Souls 🌍

As you journey through the Grounded Goddess Program, you will be part of a sacred community that embraces and celebrates individual uniqueness while fostering a collective bond of sisterhood. This supportive network will be your sanctuary—a place where you can be vulnerable, celebrated, and uplifted as you awaken your inner goddess.

Pay in Full price $444
Monthly Payments X 2 $222

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