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Since immemorial times, women have used sacred gatherings to create a profound, all-embracing space

…where they can nurture their feminine energy and sensuality.

…bring light and love to themselves and to the people they love.

…laugh, cry and safely share their journeys and their most intimate thoughts with other women who know the art of sacred listening.

…where they can cultivate and activate their feminine qualities and receive inspiration and revelations through meditation and prayer.


This is the sacred sisterhood you’ve been looking for…

An online monthly membership supporting you to cultivate your divine feminine wisdom. The Awakening Womban Collective is a membership that includes bi-weekly ceremonies, archetypal mystic teachings, meditations, energetic healing modalities, magic and more. The Collective is your home for connecting to other women around the world who are doing the work to embody, heal and empower the feminine within.

Has your soul been calling for a deeper
connection to self, sisters and spirit?


Deepen your connection to your inner knowing, sight and to self, while watching intuition and empathy become your superpowers.

Connect with like-minded women from around the world and be supported in your healing journey while deepening your connection to the divine feminine.

Cultivate, embrace and celebrate your sensuality, your creativity, your dharma, your leadership and your womb wisdom together in sisterhood.

Participate in ritual, ceremony and healing practices that make your soul sing - both literally and figuratively as well as lead from a place of truth.

Work with the feminine practice of receiving while taking part in this collective journey of aligning more closely to your purpose and to pleasure.

3 Month Minimum Commitment



What if I told you there was a way to be more aligned with the magic & wisdom of your body?


For deeper connection to yourself through a new inspirational experience,


So that you could feel the power & beauty in the shifts of your cycle…


Feel More Confident, Empowered and Passionate about each day!


The Awakening Womban Collective is a community of women desiring to re-claim the wisdom of their womb and align to their cycle & the divine feminine energy, so they can seek more balance, joy and pleasure in everyday life.


My mission is to reconnect women with their innate power and medicine. 


While I may not witness the full realization of my vision in this lifetime, I am steadfast in sowing seeds that will continue to blossom long after I am gone.


It ALL begins with sisterhood and with embracing our community and support of one another.

Join me as I answer the call of the facilitator and Visionary (that I am here to be, not only for my own unique journey, but also for those I am meant to cross paths with and support in this lifetime).


Topics Covered in the Membership

  • Manifesting with the feminine

  • Kundalini Activation

  • What in the Womb is Going On - Physically & Energetically

  • Building Strong Relationships as Cyclical Women

  • The Cyclical Working Woman

  • Shinning our Magic

  • Parenting Without Burnout

  • Feminine Embodiment

  • Feminine Cycles

  • Womb Embodiment

  • Heart Embodiment

  • Third Eye Embodiment

  • Embracing Your Inner Masculine

  • Envisioning and Abundance

  • Intuition and Wisdom

  • Nourishing our Cycle & Hormones through Food

  • Tantric Arts

  • Taming the Inner Critique

  • Rooting into the Divine Feminine Energy

  • Navigating an Outdated System - The Patriarchy

  • Self-Care for the Inner Goddess

  • Playing with the Cycle Archetypes

  • Grounding and Womb Power

  • Intuition and Homecoming

  • Healing Your Inner Girl

  • Nourishment and Self-love

  • Fluidity, Grace and Creativity

  • Compassion and Courage

  • Passion and Sensuality

  • Nurturing and Holding Space

$88 per month- min 3 month Commitment
Save $111 and claim a year in the Collective for $945

3 Month Minimum Commitment

The energy and essence of your womb contains innate inner wisdom that can ignite pleasure & joy into your everyday.


As women, we are incredibly disconnected from our daily experience in our body and our womb. Our menstrual cycle has a story to tell and the Sisterhood is the program that will help you de-code it’s messages and learn the tools to cycle-sync your life.

By using the wisdom of your cycle you can unleash your superpowers to help guide you in a more aligned life with your hormones.

As a Sacred Womb & Cycle Wisdom Keeper, I guide women on a journey of learning the language of their unique cycle, so they can align to the wisdom their womb - the home of their authentic self - for deeper inspired and connected living in their everyday life.

This sacred and safe space was created 

for women to come together, share their wisdom, share their stories, and feel held.

Included in your monthly membership:

You've come to right place if... 


You've been searching for a community that offers support for Individual Growth, Self-awareness, and Self Enlightenment 


You want to be a part of a community that offers a safe space for vulnerability and to receive support and guidance. 

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Also included in your monthly membership:


Access to the course vault 

You will receive access to all of the pre-recorded programs for the time that you are in the membership!

Programs such as : 

The Moon & Your Womb

Sacred Spiral 

Goddess Emergence

Unbound and so many more! 


These courses will help guide you along your personal journey.

Remember who you are, Learn to trust your instincts, Discover how to tune into your intuition and introspection so that you may discover your authentic, thriving and happy life!

Allow me to guide you back into your Feminine Power!

Reconnect you with your inner wisdom and strength!

Plus Special discounts on other offerings


The Awakening Womban Collective is packed with monthly gems -
two 90-minute live ceremonies, a monthly meditation, Workbooks, oracle pulls, book recommendations, journal prompts, embodiment exercises and teachings as well as community and connection to the other sisters around the world… Plus amazing bonus material.

3 Month Minimum Commitment

Join this sacred space,

where powerful women gather.


Join a group of women (just like you) with extraordinary gifts, limitless abilities and a deep desire to reconnect with their innermost self while making a positive impact on the world.

In this space your ideas and contributions will be treasured, nurtured, and appreciated. You will be supported and encouraged as you reconnect with your sacred self and listen to your inner knowing.

Women are extremely intuitive creatures

yet many of us feel a sense of disconnect with our Self,

our spirit, and our inner wisdom.

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Have you ever felt like you're just going through the motions of life, absorbing the energies and emotions of those around you without any real sense of direction or purpose? 


What if I told you that everything can change for you once you start emitting your own frequency instead of just absorbing the frequencies around you? What if you could imprint your intentions within the Universe, shaping your reality rather than just existing within it?


It all starts with a shift in mindset. Instead of being reactive to everything that happens in your life, you become proactive. You set your intentions, visualize your goals, and emit the frequency that aligns with them. And when you do that consistently, the Universe responds in kind.

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Join the Community 

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$88 per month- min 3 month Commitment
Save $111 and claim a year in the Collective 
for $945

3 Month Minimum Commitment

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