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I am at it again and so excited to have you on board! 

The 4th Annual Soulfilled Summit!


My vision behind this event is to build strong community and sisterhood, where competition has been replaced with collaboration and the overall energy is to raise the vibe of the collective , through deep soulfilled connections. 


The summit will run from May 16th thru to May 23rd


Please you the links below to book into your choice of a mini training session or an interview session with myself. 

Upon securing your time slot please email your headshot and bio to

Sharing graphics will be sent out within 48hrs from receiving this information. Please try to have it in in a timely manner.

No topics of conversation are off limit &  you are welcomed to extend your current offers to the community, with the full intention that the summit is about building the conscious collective, and sisterhood first and foremost. 

The Summit will be held in a private communal facebook group that will open on May 16th

You can request to join:



I ask that you share the event and registration link a minimum of 3 times across your social media feeds.


There will be giveaways throughout the series, and information about donating a gift/ service is on the registration link above.  You may choose to participate or not... it is completely optional! 


Graphics and links to the group platform to be sent once bios have been received!


If you have any questions  please let me know! 

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