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Tiered price offer 1:1 Embodied Self

60 minute deep immersion into your feminine essence & energetics

  • 1 hour
  • From 111 US dollars
  • Online

Service Description

Feminine Healing + Awakening 1:1 Intensive What I've learned through working with countless women on dropping into their feminine energy, leading group Womb Initiations and embodiment workshops is the following: You can do all the embodiment practices and sway your hips sexy, show skin - you can still feel deeply shameful about your sexuality, hating your feminine body, constantly living in your head and lacking any form of pleasure. You can also have removed all the limiting beliefs, but not being truly able to do the embodied work. Feminine Awakening is a combination of deep subonscious healing work and a private initiation into energetic arts for women aka your inner goddess landscape. Feminine Self is for you if you ~feel disconnected from your femininity, feminine essence and energy ~struggle with dropping into your body and getting out of your head ~find yourself pressured by societies, your family + mother's beliefs of womanhood ~often get stuck in people pleasing and being the good girl ~feel dry, burnt out and constantly stuck in hustle-mode ~feel guilt and shame for your sensuality, pleasure and sexuality ~are afraid to show your sensual curves, being over-sexualized and struggle accepting your body ~lack ease, pleasure, joy + that juiciness in your life ~are constantly over-giving, and struggle to receive ~can see yourself constantly stepping into masculine energy in life, work and especially love + relationships, which makes it hard to create deeper connection Feminine Self Intensives are a potent elixir of healing, embodiment, remembering and activation Learn to understand and embrace the wild woman within, building a safe space within for your relationship to flow and flourish. By offering tiered pricing, we create an inclusive and supportive environment that recognizes the unique needs and circumstances of each woman. We believe that everyone deserves access to spiritual awakening and empowerment, regardless of their financial status, and extend this offer as a pay what you can and pay forward system.

Cancellation Policy

24hrs notice required for cancellations. Due to the nature of the services no refunds.

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