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If you need a bit more detailed guidance to a burning question you may have or an open invitation to explore your unfolding journey, then this 5-card personalised Oracle Reading is for you.


If you have have some confusion about closure on a past event, need assistance in making a decision, or want a glimpse into the energies currently surrounding you, and so much more, the Oracle  can help!


5-card spreads work best when you have a simple, open-ended question you’d like some insight into, such as- what do I need to know about taking this option? What do I need to know about my relationship? What message does my Higher Self have for me right now? How can I move forward in my career? What blockages are there to…..? etc.


Some examples of how the 5-card spread layout can be are:



  • Past Influences

  • Current Influences

  • Advice

  • Obstacle

  • Final Outcome



  • What to embrace more of to achieve my highest self

  • What to accept for inner peace

  • What I should let go of

  • Advice I need to hear right now

  • Direction I’m heading in



  • Theme (i.e. for the month ahead)

  • Positives

  • Difficulties

  • Internal world

  • Guidance


I’ll connect to my intuition and Guides, as well as yours, in a sacred conversation and see what they have to tell you in relation to your question. This will be a video recorded message for you in a stream-of-consciousness  as the insight comes to me, before being broken down into a digestible summary with space for you to add your own interpretations after, and a photo of your cards.


Integrating your personal perception of the cards into your assimilation of the reading can be an integral part of the distillation process. It helps to see how their message holds meaning for you and your life in a practical way, and can greatly assist the introspection and clarity gained from them.

Oracle Card Reading- Video Email

$444.00 Regular Price
$222.00Sale Price
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