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This special bundle is for the woman ready to embody her true Goddess essence, with ease and confidence. 


This bundle consists of some of my most ptent containers to support you in deconditioning from the patriarchal system, reconnecting to your truth, and dropping back into the flow of your body. 


This bundle includes: 


Goddess Codes

The Moon & your Womb

Saced Spiral 

Goddess Emergence


The value for this bundle is over $1111


Step into the portal of your Goddess Transformation as you journey through the embodiment of the Goddess archetypes, unlock the wisdom of your womb, identify and understand your own unique energy cycle, and remember who TF you are!!!


Goddess Codes
Embody the Keys of the Goddess and feel her work through you:
~Experiencing depth, feeling and freedom within your body
~Living, loving and leading with fierce grace
~Fully embracing your light and dark energies
~Using your body and her wisdom as a portal for potent intuition & Soul truth


The Moon & your Womb
Within our time together we are going to be diving into:
▽ The Ancient Herstory of the Menstrual Cycle
▽ Why so many Wombyn have lost touch with this vital aspect of themselves?
▽ Reconnection activation & Womb Clearing
▽ The Wombs primordial connection to the cycles of the moon.
▽ How to use these potent Sacred Feminine Archetypes to understand, heal & accept all aspects of yourself.


Sacred Spiral
The journey we will take together:
Access to 11 modules
~Maiden , Mother & Crone
~Accessing the Wisdom of the Womb
~Sensuality, Sexuality & Power
~Awareness & Conciousness
~Energetic Blueprint embodiment
~Understanding your Human design
~Honoring your moon cycle
~Spiritual self vs Human Self
~Kronos & Kairos Time,
~Consistent Energy Habits


Goddess Emergence
Learn to dance with your inner Goddess, heal your blocks, manifest your dreams, and quantum leap into the Goddess you are through Sacred Feminine alchemy, initiation & embodiment.
I will guide you through sacred womb healing rituals, activation of the fire in your sacral, expanding your sensual and sexual magnetism through 8 indepth trainings designed to empower you to allow your Goddess to emerge and reclaim her throne.


**Please allow up to 2 hours for the courses to be activated in your client portal**



Goddess Bundle

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