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Using the energy of your Birth name I connect and receive a channeled image and transmission from within you. From your Birth Goddess. 


A unique portrait of the Goddess energy that has been within you since birth, maye in reference to your past life, maybe your lineage, maybe a guide chosen to walk this path with you. 


She encompasses and reveals a unique and poerful message and reminder of who you are, and  what you are here for! 



My very first bridge to the Spiritual realm was opened with the bestowing of my name at birth.

Melonie : Origin:Greek. Meaning:Black, dark, obscure, enigmatic

Melonie is a respelling of the Greek name, Melanie. It stems from the Greek word, Melania, meaning "black or dark."

In Greek mythology, Melania( the daughter of Persephone & Hades, Melania or Melanie was the name given to Demeter, a goddess of fertility.) was the goddess of ghosts and spirits, deeply connected in spirituality and the supernatural.

The name is also greatly bound to the figure Melania the Younger, a renowned early medieval saint. Melania's acclaim stems from her renouncement of all material wealth and comforts in the pursuit of a life of Christian asceticism. In her devotion, she donated charitably, freed her slaves, and dedicated her life to leading others on a path of chastity. Today, Melanie is a symbol of steadfastness rooted deep, impervious to the fleeting fancy of surface desire.

I tapped into this knowledge, my essence within and created a beautiful portrait of my Birth Goddess, and I am loving it, the darkness has never felt more like home. I see me profounding in this art.


Each portrait is unique and personalized, and will come with a 3-5 minute channeled transmission from your Inner Goddess to accompany her portrait.


** This is a Digital Print**

NO physical copy will be sent out


Current turn around time is 48-72hrs

Birth Goddess Portrait~ Digital Download

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