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We are at it again! 

Ladies of Light has been rebranded to the Soulfilled Summit... Same great connection, same great Sisterhood! 

May 17th through May 28th

I was called to create this series early in 2020, as a way to highlight local lightleaders, and the gifts that they bring to the community. The series highlighted the rise of the collective and the transformation of mindset from one of competition to one of compassion and collaboration. 

New connections were made, businesses boomed, and a sisterhood was built!

It has seriously been the best thing I have done to date!! 

At the end of 2020 I was called to do it again,  switching things up a bit!! This round was for my global ladies!! 


It brought in an even deeper connection, so we have adopted this model for this round too!! 

Mini masterclass sessions, Guided meditations, Group Healing sessions and interviews!!

I can't wait to share these ladies with you! 

Line up TBD! 

Thanks for submitting!