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Message From Goddess Isis
" Beloved One, I Rejoice To Meet With You Again Through The Temple Of This Sacred Container. This Appointment Between You And Me, Has Been Planned And Written Long Before You Can Remember. The Time Of Great Feminine Re-Awakening Is Upon Us Now And Your Presence Is Essential In That Process. I Await With Pure Love For Our Next Intimate Soul To Soul Connection. Blessed You Are."

jAN 8th  2023, 10am PST 1pm EST





The Goddess Isis Template

Goddess Isis as the mother of life, goddess of 10,000 names is an important spiritual light guiding us on our Spiritua journies back into the full embodiment of our sacred form, unifying and finding peace within as we open to our Intiation into Priestess form.

The Goddess Isis Template is an energetic container or "template" channelled by Alana Fairchild as part of her Saraswati modality of which I am a certified practitioner since it was first launched.

This energetic container is created through precise invocations, words and actions using sacred geometry to create a specific high frequency energy field. The template allows for the downpour of spiritual energy in a safe and potent way for each person in the group. 

The Goddess Isis template helps to strengthen our spiritual resilience and trust in the benevolence of the Divine Mother even when we feel stretch beyond the unthinkable or when the world seem to be going through too much chaos.

This template helps to heal the clutches of darkness such as abuse of spiritual power, betrayal, hatred and the denial of the sacred feminine wisdom. I find this template to be incredibly supportive when we are faced with situations that seem to be too much to bear or when we feel like giving up on our spiritual path. These situations can be past lives echos from experiences within ancient Egypt.

This template helps to restore Hope, Spiritual Protection, Divine Blessing of Love, Purity and Liberation. It is a perfect template for the current times as we ascend and evolve into a more heart centred and wise paradigm.

Workshops will be recorded, and the replay will be emailed out to everyone who registers. 

Workshop will run 2-2.5 hours

Dress comfortably

bring your water

Bring your journal

Set your sacred space


October 15th 10am PST 1pm EST

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