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Just as every being is unique, every Human Design chart is unique. So how we each receive this “knowingness” is going to be different for every person. Your specific type of intuition will depend on what sense you are tuned into. Some of us are more tuned into one specific sense while others are tuned into several.

Your Human Design shows you your unique configuration for how you “tune in” to your intuition, your Inner Wisdom and your divine guidance. We are all hardwired differently and we all receive intuitive information on different “channels”.  
When you’re tuned into your specific frequency, your RIGHT way of knowing, you feel connected and aligned, you understand how to properly receive and interpret intuitive information. 


Knowing how you "know" things and trusting yourself is crucial to being resilient in life.
When you understand your unique way of understanding and how you are hardwired to process information...
• You can make strong, confident decisions for your life. 
• You can trust yourself. 
• You have the courage to follow what feels right.
• You stop being afraid of the unknown and trust that you’ll know what you need to know when you need to know it.
Understanding your unique intuitive hardwiring also helps you know what is true in a world brimming with too much information, many of it conflicting, confusing and overwhelming.
You need to know what is right and good information and how to sort out the “noise” that bombards us on a daily basis. 

Over the 6 weeks you will learn:

 Learn how to turn your intuition on and trust it 
• Learn the specific "channels" of intuition and your preferred intuitive style
• Identify what celestial realm your Soul is vibrationally aligned with and how that influences your Soul's Life Purpose
• Learn how to distinguish between your energy and the energy of others
• Learn how to clear "negative" energies and protect your own energy
• Learn your unique style of meditation 
• Learn how to connect with Source in the way that works BEST for YOU
• Learn how to "read" your external environment and translate what is really going on in your world, your consciousness and how to shift your awareness to create what you really want in your life
• Learn brand-new information about the pineal gland (the third-eye), how to tap into the quantum field and "talk" to crossed over Souls and bend time

Your intuition is part of you. It's designed specifically to serve you, to guide you, and help you feel empowered as you navigate every aspect of your personal and professional life and mission.

Your Soul is waiting...are you coming?

Pay in full $777

3 monthly payments of $275

We are all intuitive. We are all designed to be connected and have awareness that goes beyond the physical realm and even our physical senses.


6 week Micromind  Experience

Weekly Group Coaching

Pre-recorded  weekly Trainings

Private Voxer chat

Private Facebook Group

Pay in full $777

3 monthly payments of $275

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