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The Masculine witnesses the universe; the Feminine is the universe.


We all hold both of these universal yin and yang energies within us, regardless of biology or gender. Internally, the Masculine is God as witness, and the Feminine is Goddess Herself.

One without the other is incomplete.

The masculine and feminine are likely not what you think. The old “sexist” ideas of masculine and feminine have nothing to do with union. They actually exist in separation and power struggles.


We are bringing the masculine and feminine back into their true meanings – where they are meant to connect in ease, love and truly build each other. This has nothing to do with gender, orientation or sex. It is just the yin/yang, and positive/negative magnetic poles that create all matter and movement in the universe.

When we can apply this to our personal interactions and inner worlds, absolutely amazing things can happen.

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Visualize with me.

Imagine yourself healed of past wounds and trauma.
Imagine releasing past grudges and the anger that comes with those.
Imagine a life free from stress.
Imagine letting down your guard and embracing vulnerability.
Imagine feeling balanced.

How do you feel?
What does your life look like?
Are you in the relationship of your dreams?

For me, embodying my divine masculine + feminine energies has completely transformed my life. I couldn’t trust. I was numb. And no matter how much intimacy and love I craved, I never found it.

I want to teach you what I’ve learned through YEARS of balancing my masculine + feminine energies and healing pain.

The masculine and feminine do not exist in isolation.

They play together,
building upon each other,
most powerful when they polarize,
uniting in the bliss of oneness
and new creation. 

Matrimony  is designed to help you heal, embody, and harmonize your masculine and feminine energies. 

You should take this course if:

  • You’re stressed, burned out, and working too much.

  • You struggle to find deep alignment.

  • You feel blocked from love.

  • You have guarded yourself with excess masculine energy because you don’t feel safe.

  • Your emotions are all over the place and you feel ungrounded.

  • You feel disorganized and chaotic.

  • You have many ideas but don’t have the structure or support to bring your visions to life.

  • You struggle to express yourself because you carry shame.

  • You are afraid to open fully and trust someone in a relationship.


Matrimony is the sacred Union within YOU 

Are You Ready To Recieve:

  • Greater inner peace, self-respect and harmony 

  • One’s path, passions and purpose become clear

  • A balance of strength and flexibility, intuition and action 

  • More patience, passion, confidence and creativity 

  • Authentic power, confidence and personal truth

  • Trust and faith are paired with courage and commitment

  • Harmony with others and the changing external environment 

  • RECLAIM YOU LIFE as you learn to identify repetitive patterns and imbalances that keep you trapped.

TAKE EMPOWERING ACTION to bring all aspects of your feminine and masculine qualities back into alignment and harmony.


☯ What masculine and feminine energy is

☯ What your core energy is

☯ About masculine and feminine wounds + how to heal them

☯ Feminine and masculine embodiment

☯ Keys to deepen romantic connection

☯ The emotional code of the body

☯ How to integrate your sexual energy

☯ How to balance your masculine + feminine energies

☯ How to cut energetic cords

☯ The art of sexual polarity

☯ Guided meditation for inner-child healing

☯ Guided meditations for healing masculine and feminine energies

☯ Guided meditations for activating your divine feminine and masculine energies

And much more!

You will Learn:

All of our experiences begin with our own inner balance. The stronger our own masculine and feminine are and the more we feel the bliss of union within, the easier it is to polarize and feel bliss with others.


Module 1 

  • Redefining the masculine & feminine for union

  • Moving from separation to genuine connection

  • Singularity, Duality & magnetism the that attracts us

  • Balancing individual wholeness & opening in union


Module 2

  • The masculine art of giving 

  • Allowing ourselves to receive 

  • The magic of true communication in polarity

  • Intuitive teaching and speaking


Module 3

  • Our inner world that listens

  • The artist & their creation

  • Inner connection leading to meaning in life

  • Living in your truth

  • Speaking intuitively


Module 4

  • Inner stillness to balance a chaotic world

  • The strength to embrace our inner chaos and mystery

  • Deep connection with others in difficult times

  • Honouring our emotional truths

  • Masculine “holding space” in silence


Module 5

  • Strengthening our masculine energy

  • Strengthening our feminine energy

  • Finding self-love

  • Trusting the masculine & feminine – within and with others


Module 6

  • Becoming fully human

  • Disappearing within union

  • Physical and spiritual merging

  • Experiencing this union in a brand new world

Watch As These Skills Lead to Life-Changing Results…

  • Your deep pain and trauma is healed

  • You attract a new relationship or deepen your current one

  • You correctly embody your masculine + feminine energy

  • Your masculine + feminine energy wounds are healed.

  • You gain a new sense of inner peace and balance.

  • You let your guard down and learn to trust your intuition.

  • You break your own barriers and limitations.


Our relationship with the universe is also in perfect yin-yang harmony.



When we surrender, we act as the feminine energy and allow the universe to take control as the masculine. This is what we call allowing Divine Intervention into our lives.

But for most of us, most of the time, we live with masculine energy. We actively try to make life work our way. At such times, the Universe is receptive and flowing through the course of our actions. Thus, allowing us to be co-creators and itself being the feminine energy in this dynamic.


Thus, perfect harmony. Mystical isn’t it?!

We can not and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with our ideas, information, tools, or strategies.

You recognize and agree that we have made no implications, warranties, promises, suggestions, projections, representations or guarantees whatsoever to you about future prospects or earnings, or that you will earn any money, with respect to your purchase of our products, and that we have not authorized any such projection, promise, or representation by others. There are no guarantees of results or future earnings. 

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